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As an Amazon Product Video Production Company, we produce Custom Videos that Engage and Get Results.

We are an Amazon Product Video Production company with offices in Derby, Manchester and London. Since Amazon invited sellers to upload videos to their Amazon product pages, our team has worked with a number of brands across the UK to create high-end product videos.

Our services include producing, scripting, filming and editing. In short, we cover the whole production process. Our short videos can also be used on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn to reach wider audiences.

Our Amazon Product Video Examples


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Why Our Clients chose us

Lauren from Pravins a British London Jewellery company shares how our team at Impress delivered on their brief in producing over 400 product videos for their website and social media channels. Lauren discusses what it was like working with our team and the final outcomes of the project.


Video Strategy

Research is key, here we identify who your target audience is, this will help define your video strategy.

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Ideas Development

We will present the creative approach for your idea through professional scripting and storyboards.

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Filming & Editing

With a clear plan we will film your project and bring the creative elements to life, on time and to budget.

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Sharing your videos on the right platforms is key in providing you with stats on their effectiveness.

Why is now a Great Time for an Amazon Product Video?

The fast-developing platform Amazon is one of the top sites to shop online due to its speed of service. Thousands of people visit the platform every day and having an attractive and engaging video offering can help you boost your sales.

What’s more, videos give a more realistic view of the product. Customers know what to expect when the product is delivered. Receiving what is expected makes happy customers and this is often translated into further purchases and good reviews.

In addition, recent studies have proved that videos are key in the buyer purchasing process.  All in all, 80% of the polled people said that they feel more confident about making a purchase after watching a video. 1/4 customers also said that they look for product videos before buying an item.



Advantages of an Amazon Product Video Production

First of all, videos are more engaging than images. Having a product video in your Amazon product page will retain potential customers on your page for longer.

What’s more, the possibility to upload product videos to Amazon is a recent feature. Not all sellers have included videos yet. Thus, it is an opportunity to outperform those that can’t afford it.

The 3-dimensional look and feel of the product shown in the video is another advantage. Having a more realistic view improves the customer experience, driving conversion and increasing sales.


Amazon Product Video vs Standard Product Video

An Amazon product video is cheaper than a standard product video for a commercial. You can either produce it in-house or hire a video production company. However, if you are looking for a more professional look and feel, consider hiring a video production agency. Their expertise will help you reach larger audiences and obtain a higher ROI.

Tips to Create the Best Amazon Product Videos

Whether you want to produce your Amazon product video in-house or hire a production company like Impress, here are some tips that should be taken into account.

  • Take a look at Amazon’s video content policy and ensure your content is accepted.
  • Use high-quality imagery.
  • Focus on your products features and the benefits and/or problems they solve.
  • Include your logo.
  • Use your brand colours and tone.
  • Videos should be 1 minute long approximately.
  • Showcase the product in the first 3 seconds to catch the buyer’s attention.


Amazon Product Video Production and SEO

A key thing about Amazon product videos is their keyword search optimisation. When a customer looks for a keyword in their search toolbar, Amazon looks for videos containing that keyword and shows them to the customer on one side of the screen. These related videos may catch the customer’s attention and even drive him/her to your Amazon product page.

Maximise your Investment

Deciding whether or not to invest in an Amazon product video can be a difficult decision. Especially if your budget is limited. However, it is worth mentioning that your final video does not have to be used just on Amazon. You can also use your product video on your own website to show the products offering. Likewise, you can upload your video to social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Overall, your investment can be maximised by using your videos on different platforms.


Impress Video as an Amazon Video Producer

Since Amazon announced the ability to upload videos to an Amazon’s product page, we received many inquiries. New clients want high-quality videos to position themselves as power sellers in their sectors. Thanks to our expertise and dedication, we have helped them achieve their goals.

With Impress studios based in Derby, Manchester and London, our list of clients include both large and small-medium companies from all over the UK. Thus, we can say that we have, without doubt, the creative and technical know-how for creating amazing video content for your business.

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