Animated Explainer Video Production

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Animated Explainer Video Production

We use motion graphics and character animation

Our team work with a number of companies across the UK to produce high quality animated explainer videos. Overall your animated video will be an impactful digital marketing asset.

Our clients can choose from different animated styles, from cartoon presenters and voice overs to informative stories. Our clients use them to share their business offerings clearly to web visitors engaging with their content.

Our Animated Explainer Video Examples


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Why Our Clients Chose Us

The managing director of Fifteen based in Nottingham shares his experience of working with our team at Impress. Ollie specifically highlights his ongoing working relationship with our team in serving videos for his clients needs. Above all, he discusses the importance of partnering with a video agency that delivers time and time again.


Video Strategy

Research is key, here we identify who your target audience is, this will help define your video strategy.

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Ideas Development

We will present the creative approach for your idea through professional scripting and storyboards.

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Filming & Editing

With a clear plan we will film your project and bring the creative elements to life, on time and to budget.

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Sharing your videos on the right platforms is key in providing you with stats on their effectiveness.

Getting The Most From Your Explainer Video

  • Place your video on top of your website’s homepage.
  • Place your video on key landing pages for your new products and/or services.
  • Display on big screens at your trade shows and events.
  • Use as YouTube adverts.
  • Edit videos into bite-sized clips for your social media.
  • Use on your LinkedIn page and share with your connections.
  • Use as part of your sales presentations.
  • Include your video in your email and direct marketing campaigns.

Why now is a great time for an Animated Explainer Video

‘By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic.’ (Cisco). It is important to realise the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. This means your video will be able to educate your website’s visitors in detail on how your product or service works and whether it’s right for them.

Your animated explainer video will make you stand out from your competitors by sharing your business’ offering and service in a way that’s easier to understand.

Your Animated Video and Things to Consider

  • To save time, ask for a mood board of the different elements of your video. You will see how all the pieces of your video will look before animating them.
  • Does your video have a clear objective and a clear message?
  • Make sure your overall script has been edited and fits within the required time.
  • Keep the video relevant to your target audience.
  • Can your video be edited into a 30 second and 60 second message?
  • Allow for breathing space between sections.
  • Try not to force too much info into your video.
  • Make sure you have at least two voice-over options to choose from.
  • Use your brand’s tone within your video.
  • Try to get your brand’s colours into the video where possible.
  • Make sure there is a clear Call To Action.

The Advantages of Animation Video Production

Above all creating long form text on your website on how your product or service works can be time consuming for your end reader. Moreover, explainer videos share the processes of your business in a matter of seconds. Here your website visitors will fully understand specifically how your service or product will meet their needs.

Producing a Creative Explainer Video

Your video will give you enough time to emphasise your offering, such as how your product or service works, the processes, people and the technology involved. In fact, the most common explainer video is usually a 2D cartoon style with moving elements. You will find that the more complex you want your animation or cartoon to be the bigger the budget you’ll need.

The team at Impress

The team at Impress has frequently worked on a number of animated videos across a number of business sectors. We handle all the creative elements in-house, for instance scripting and story-boarding to editing and final delivery of the video. Our clients are involved throughout the development and creative process straightaway. Here we continually share our knowledge and experience of how your videos fit in the user journey of your marketing approach.

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