Animated Explainer Video Production

Impress Video is an Animated Video production company with offices in Derby, London and Manchester, creating content for brands across the UK.

We do Animated Videos differently

We produce Animated Explainer Videos using the latest motion graphics and character animation. Our team continue to produce a number of high-quality animated explainer videos for companies across the UK.

These animated videos have proved to be impactful digital marketing assets for our clients who have used different animated styles, from cartoon presenters and voiceovers to informative stories.

Our clients use them to share their business offerings clearly to web visitors engaging with their content.

Our animated video examples

2D Animated Video

This new letting agency wanted a short 2D animation to explain to both landlords and tenants how easy their service is to use.

3D Animated Video

We worked closely with Rivus to create a series of animated 3D videos to explain their accident and engineering processes.

Animated Explainer Videos

Working closely with national railway agencies, P&S required a bespoke animation to explain their offering.

Tech Animation Video

Fujitsu, required an animation explainer video to present their vision in collaboration with NHS and the healthcare sector.

Animated App Videos

We collaborated with Workchain to produce concise animated app videos, and help them explain everything about their services.

IT Explainer Video

Cogniflare needed a 2D animated video to explain the technical aspects of their new innovative software Kyrah.

Screencast Animated Video

Monkey Vs Owl created a bespoke animated explainer video to show users their new concept of letting homes. The video informed landlords and tenants of their offering.

Animated Text Video

North Midland Construction wanted a text led video to bring its new rebrand to life. Their text video shares the companies journey from initial inception to being one of the leading establishments today.

B2B Explainer Videos

The team at Networx produced an animation video to show two key sides to their service offering. Here new clients would understand Networx’s seamless 360 process’s behind the scenes.

The list keeps growing…

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What Is Animated Video Production?

Animated video production involves the creation of computer-generated 2D or 3D designs, characters, and motion graphics that give the illusion of moving images in video format. This process entails developing individual static images that differ slightly from one another and sequencing them together to create the appearance of movement.

Animated videos are widely popular due to the limitless possibilities offered by animation. The only restriction is one’s imagination. Moreover, animated video production is a cost-effective way to convey your message through video. Embarking on animated video production might seem daunting if you’re new to it. However, fret not! When you have the right animated video production company by your side, their experienced experts in various animation types can guide you in the right direction for all your video animation needs.

Frequently asked questions

How can Animated Videos help engaging with viewers?

Animated video production offers a more entertaining and imaginative alternative to traditional video production. Ultimately, you want videos that engage, have an impact, and remain memorable to your audience. While traditional video production can meet these requirements, it has certain limitations, such as finding suitable locations, managing lighting, and dealing with color constraints. With animated video production, every detail of the video can be customized to fit your audience and brand personality, providing greater flexibility in what you can display on screen.

  • To save time, ask for a mood board of the different elements of your video. You will see how all the pieces of your video will look before animating them.
  • Does your video have a clear objective and a clear message?
  • Make sure your overall script has been edited and fits within the required time.
  • Keep the video relevant to your target audience.
  • Can your video be edited into a 30 second and 60 second message?
  • Allow for breathing space between sections.
  • Try not to force too much info into your video.
  • Make sure you have at least two voice-over options to choose from.
  • Use your brand’s tone within your video.
  • Try to get your brand’s colours into the video where possible.
  • Make sure there is a clear Call To Action.

Yes! In fact when your audience becomes more engaged with a brand through animated video content, they are more likely to invest in that brand. Animated videos provide a simplified version of what a brand offers and can help convert cold audiences into leads by enabling them to learn more about your company or brand through your website. This, in turn, drives more traffic and conversions to your website.

‘By 2022, online videos will make up more than Cisco of all consumer internet traffic.’. It is important to realise the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. This means your video will be able to educate your website’s visitors in detail on how your product or service works and whether it’s right for them.

Your animated explainer video will make you stand out from your competitors by sharing your business’ offering and service in a way that’s easier to understand.

Animated explainer videos are invaluable for simplifying complex ideas and making your message more memorable. They provide a clear explanation of your company’s product or service in a manner that is understandable and accessible to the general public. Creating an animated explainer video allows for striking visual effects that enhance the portrayal of your message. Additionally, animated explainer videos offer more creative possibilities and are easier to update if you need to make future adjustments.

  • Whiteboard Animation: involves showing the viewer still images being drawn on a whiteboard. It is particularly effective for explainer videos as it visually portrays complex ideas.
  • Infographic Animation: an excellent option for visualising and giving life to information, such as charts, graphs, texts, and illustrations. Infographic animations retain the simplified and understandable nature of traditional infographics while adding dynamic elements through animation to enhance viewer retention.
  • Character Animation: specialised area where animators bring characters to life, imbuing them with thoughts, emotions, and personalities. Animated characters can represent any type of person, adding a human touch to businesses and preventing videos from feeling overly corporate.
  • 2D Animation: it features a “flat” style. It involves using pre-existing images created with computer software, and then animated and displayed on the screen.
  • 3D Animation: it utilises three-dimensional space to bring objects to life on the screen. This animation style creates depth and realism, making objects appear more lifelike and immersive.
  • Stop Motion: technically a form of 3D animation, stop motion involves capturing individual frames of physical objects or puppets in different positions and then sequencing them together to create movement. This technique offers a tactile and tangible feel, as real objects are manipulated to bring them to life. Stop motion animation can be visually captivating and is often used for artistic and storytelling purposes.

Creating long form text on your website on how your product or service works can be time consuming for your end reader. Moreover, explainer videos share the processes of your business in a matter of seconds. Here your website visitors will fully understand specifically how your service or product will meet their needs.

Make sure you:

  • Place your video on top of your website’s homepage.
  • Place your video on key landing pages for your new products and/or services.
  • Display on big screens at your trade shows and events.
  • Use as YouTube adverts.
  • Edit videos into bite-sized clips for your social media.
  • Use on your LinkedIn page and share with your connections.
  • Use as part of your sales presentations.
  • Include your video in your email and direct marketing campaigns.

Project Timeline

Don't just take our word for it

Hari T
Hari T
I am so thrilled with the final outcome! The team understood what I needed and envisioned and bought it to life. Thanks so much for the hard work and creativity! So excited to share my videos now :)
Alison Parsons
Alison Parsons
I have worked with impress twice now and both times have been an absolute pleasure. Everyone was really friendly and professional and made the day so much fun. I hope to work with them again in the future
A Wat
A Wat
Impress Video exceeded all my expectations. They are so friendly and easy to work with, they grasp everything incredibly quickly, they're in tune with all the latest video technology and the end result was absolutely superb. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.
Sharib Sarfraz
Sharib Sarfraz
What a fantastic team. Delivered on time. No hidden costs. Gurmit was very understanding and we can tell that his team puts there 100% in each project. Looking forward to working with the team again.
Campbell Salloway
Campbell Salloway
Impress were fantastic in developing a video for my business, Gurmit and Harry a pleasure to work with. They worked well towards the brief, producing high quality content and came out to do further filming when required. Thanks guys
Alan Bridle
Alan Bridle
Impress were absolutely 5 STAR from the very first call right upto and beyond the final cut ! Our TV commercial was ambitious but they pulled it off. The end result was exactly what we wanted Top notch production company !!! Alan Bridle Betgoodwin
Angela Roberts
Angela Roberts
We have been using Impress for many years now for patient testimonial videos for our dental practices and I can highly recommend Gurmit and Harry! I think the service has been wonderful, they take over the whole process and arrange everything so I haven’t had to get involved in it which has been great. Gurmit is always very polite and easy to work with and we will be carrying on working with them in the future. Totally recommend!
Adam Smith
Adam Smith
I've worked with many different videographers over the years, and Impress Video are among the very best of them. Efficient, technically sound and incredibly approachable and understanding - I cannot recommend them enough. I'm elated with all of the work they've produced for us here at Securly.
Highly recommend Impress Video Production, friendly, reliable and professional service!
Range Marketing
Range Marketing
Highly Recommended. From the initial brief through to the finished creative, Gurmit and the team worked tirelessly to deliver what was required. Communication was spot-on throughout the project and we are delighted with the end result. Thank you.

Producing a Creative Explainer Video

Your video will give you enough time to emphasise your offering, such as how your product or service works, the processes, people and the technology involved. In fact, the most common explainer video is usually a 2D cartoon style with moving elements. You will find that the more complex you want your animation or cartoon to be the bigger the budget you’ll need.

The team at Impress

The team at Impress has frequently worked on a number of animated videos across a number of business sectors. We handle all the creative elements in-house, for instance scripting and story-boarding to editing and final delivery of the video. Our clients are involved throughout the development and creative process straightaway. Here we continually share our knowledge and experience of how your videos fit in the user journey of your marketing approach.

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