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Corporate Video Production

We are a Corporate Video Production Company with offices in Derby, London and Manchester, creating content for brands across the UK. Companies of all sizes create a video for internal and external use because of their impact.

Above all, we believe in competitive corporate video rates and have a number of video examples to share. Our services include producing, scripting, filming and video editing, making us a great partner to work with.

Our Corporate Video Examples


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Why Our Clients Chose Us

Neil from DPD shares how our team at Impress delivered for them on their corporate film. Moreover, he shares what it was like working with our team and how we fulfilled their brief.


Video Strategy

Research is key, here we identify who your target audience is, this will help define your video strategy.

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Ideas Development

We will present the creative approach for your idea through professional scripting and storyboards.

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Filming & Editing

With a clear plan we will film your project and bring the creative elements to life, on time and to budget.

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Sharing your videos on the right platforms is key in providing you with stats on their effectiveness.

Now is a great time for Online Video

By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than in 2017 (Cisco). Over the past few years the stats for video content have been overwhelming. For instance, video is considered as a key investment in a company’s digital marketing.


The Advantages of a Corporate Videography

Your video will be your most impactful marketing tool, sharing your brands voice and corporate brand identity in a matter of seconds. It will form a key factor as to how brands and agencies connect and engage with your brand. A corporate video will make you stand out from your competitors especially in highlighting your services in a more easy to understand way.

Google SEO and Optimisation

Having a corporate promotional video that has been optimised on YouTube is a great advantage. As a result, your company will be found organically on Google search engines for your industry. You will find a place for your video on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter or any of the other numerous platforms too.


Maximising on your Video Investment

A corporate promo video should not be seen as a stand alone asset. Clients are making shorter videos in addition to their main video. Here these videos are used on a number of platforms such as emails and different sections of a website. The benefit of this is engaging new and existing audiences the moment they interact with their content.

Creating a Corporate Video

There are a number of approaches you can take with your corporate marketing vid. You can choose talking heads, show an overview, have it presenter led or have a voice over together with animation, or all the above.

Below are some ideas for you to choose from when considering your video idea:

  • Who we are; tell your audience who you are, and what your company does.
  • Demonstration; explain how your product or service works.
  • Interviews; show your customers talking about your products or services.
  • Story; use a story approach to show how your service or product solves problems.


The Right Corporate Video Agency

At Impress video we bring creative and intelligent marketing together, especially having worked with a number of corporate industries over the years. We have seen the fast changes in these industries, in particular marketing and technology. Every agency has a blue print for delivering on your vision and our blue print comes from tried and tested methods in our collaborative approach with corporate video clients.

The Importance of Corporate Video

You might have a number of reasons for producing a video. For example, creating a unique voice, producing a clear offering or sharing your company’s ethos in the shortest time possible. Whatever the reason, video stats have shown that a corporate video will undoubtedly create lasting results for your company. It will fast become a key part of your digital marketing.

Here are some of the key reasons many companies create corporate videos:

  • Brand awareness
  • Drive sales
  • Drive traffic
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Educate customers


The Team at Impress Video

Our team works with established brands and corporate clients in the UK. We’ve produced video content for corporate and commercial clients such as the BBC and Amazon Prime. We pride ourselves on having the creative and technical skills for creating impactful video content.

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