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Impress Video is an Event Video production company with offices in Derby, London and Manchester, creating content for brands across the UK.

Event videos done differently

We make exciting event videos for companies across the UK who organise events with hundreds and even thousands of people together in a number of cities.

The event video will show the excitement of bringing your national and international teams together. Moreover, they can showcase the company’s products and services to new potential clients, and bring even more attendees to their next event.

Our event video examples


Video produced for the event held on International Women’s Day, in which Pladis wanted to speak about breaking the bias, and how we all have a part to play in creating the change we want to see in the world today.

Weleda Europe

Weleda required a promotional video to capture their annual event. Hundreds of Weleda representatives came from all over the UK for their annual conference. The company wanted to capture the natural atmosphere of the event steering away from the cliché corporate event type.

Osstem Europe

Having spent thousands on their exhibition stand at the Dentistry show Osstem wanted to capture their team in action, engaging with new and existing clients. The video would be used on their website and in their white papers for their marketing efforts covered across Europe.

The Gin & Rum Festival

We have partnered with the Gin & Rum festival filming their live events in different cities across the UK. The videos are shared on social media attracting more attendees and vendors to their next event. The company sold out all of their events across the UK in 2018.


MSD UK chose Impress Video to produce their Corporate event video in London, attended by top international Corporate companies

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Hari T
Hari T
I am so thrilled with the final outcome! The team understood what I needed and envisioned and bought it to life. Thanks so much for the hard work and creativity! So excited to share my videos now :)
Alison Parsons
Alison Parsons
I have worked with impress twice now and both times have been an absolute pleasure. Everyone was really friendly and professional and made the day so much fun. I hope to work with them again in the future
A Wat
A Wat
Impress Video exceeded all my expectations. They are so friendly and easy to work with, they grasp everything incredibly quickly, they're in tune with all the latest video technology and the end result was absolutely superb. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.
Sharib Sarfraz
Sharib Sarfraz
What a fantastic team. Delivered on time. No hidden costs. Gurmit was very understanding and we can tell that his team puts there 100% in each project. Looking forward to working with the team again.
Campbell Salloway
Campbell Salloway
Impress were fantastic in developing a video for my business, Gurmit and Harry a pleasure to work with. They worked well towards the brief, producing high quality content and came out to do further filming when required. Thanks guys
Alan Bridle
Alan Bridle
Impress were absolutely 5 STAR from the very first call right upto and beyond the final cut ! Our TV commercial was ambitious but they pulled it off. The end result was exactly what we wanted Top notch production company !!! Alan Bridle Betgoodwin
Angela Roberts
Angela Roberts
We have been using Impress for many years now for patient testimonial videos for our dental practices and I can highly recommend Gurmit and Harry! I think the service has been wonderful, they take over the whole process and arrange everything so I haven’t had to get involved in it which has been great. Gurmit is always very polite and easy to work with and we will be carrying on working with them in the future. Totally recommend!
Adam Smith
Adam Smith
I've worked with many different videographers over the years, and Impress Video are among the very best of them. Efficient, technically sound and incredibly approachable and understanding - I cannot recommend them enough. I'm elated with all of the work they've produced for us here at Securly.
Highly recommend Impress Video Production, friendly, reliable and professional service!
Range Marketing
Range Marketing
Highly Recommended. From the initial brief through to the finished creative, Gurmit and the team worked tirelessly to deliver what was required. Communication was spot-on throughout the project and we are delighted with the end result. Thank you.

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Frequently asked questions

What is exactly an Event Video Production?

Event video production is a way of videography that focuses on capturing and documenting live events. Whether it’s a corporate conference, a music concert, a trade show, a wedding, or any other type of event, video recording techniques are employed to capture the essence of the event and create a visually compelling and engaging representation.

The primary goal of event video production is to showcase the highlights, atmosphere, and key moments of the event. It aims to provide a comprehensive and immersive experience for viewers who couldn’t attend the event in person. By effectively capturing the event’s energy, excitement, and unique features, event videos allow individuals and businesses to share their event with a wider audience and create a lasting impression.

Event videos serve as a powerful tool for businesses and individuals alike to promote, commemorate, and share their events with a wider audience. Here are some reasons why you should consider utilizing event videos:

  • Capture the essence: which enables viewers to experience the atmosphere and excitement even if they couldn’t attend in person.
  • Showcase professionalism: High-quality event videos demonstrate your professionalism and attention to detail, enhancing your brand image and reputation.
  • Engage and inform: by providing a visual and immersive experience.
  • Extend reach and impact: By sharing event videos on your website, social media platforms, and other online channels, you can extend the reach of your event beyond the physical attendees, reaching a wider audience and generating more interest.
  • Increase conversions: Compelling event videos can generate leads, drive traffic to your website, and increase conversions. They provide a glimpse into what attendees can expect from future events, encouraging them to take action and participate.

Here are some popular types of event videos:

  • Event Highlights:  showcasing the most important moments, key speakers, performances, and highlights. They serve as a teaser or recap to generate interest or remind attendees of the event’s key takeaways.
  • Speaker Presentations: allows viewers to benefit from the knowledge and expertise shared during the event. These videos can be edited to include slides, graphics, and close-ups of the speaker, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Interviews and Testimonials: these videos can create a sense of authenticity, build trust, and encourage others to attend future events.
  • Product Launches: by revealing features, benefits, and demonstrating how the product works. They create excitement and generate interest in new offerings.
  • Behind-the-Scenes: Offering a glimpse of the event BTS. It adds a personal touch and allows viewers to see the effort and dedication that goes into organising a successful event.
  • Live Streaming: With the advent of live streaming technology, events can be broadcasted in real-time to a global audience. Live streaming allows remote viewers to participate virtually, ask questions, and experience the event as it unfolds.
  • Spending thousands on an event production no longer has to be a one-time thing. By capturing key moments of your exhibition or event, you are extending the life cycle of that investment.

    Companies, B2B brands, and your customers like to know what you’re doing outside the business world and away from your office. Showing people your business activities and interactions is key in making first and lasting impressions.

  • Do site surveys of the venue to know where key locations are.
  • Create a plan and agenda to film key moments of the event.
  • Choose a quiet area for talking head interviews.

Event videos can adopt different production styles to convey your message effectively:

  • Cinematic Style: aimed to create a visually stunning and emotionally captivating experience, similar to a movie. Using cinematic camera techniques, such as dramatic angles, depth of field, and creative editing, to evoke a sense of grandeur and excitement.
  • Documentary Style: capturing authentic moments and storytelling. It aims to provide a comprehensive and informative account of the event, incorporating interviews, BTS footage, and narratives to engage the audience.
  • Promotional Style: it uses energetic editing, dynamic visuals, and catchy music to convey the event’s key selling points.
  • Interactive Style: it involves viewer engagement by incorporating interactive elements, such as clickable hotspots, quizzes, or polls.
  • Social Media Style: this style often incorporates shorter, attention-grabbing clips, text overlays, and vibrant visuals to capture viewers’ attention in the fast-paced social media environment.

Your teams may be located all over the UK. Here, you can film your team engaging with one another on their arrival to the event. Filming guest speakers at the event is key, especially key sound bites. You also may film extra clips before the event to include in the overall presentation of the event itself. Filming further guest speakers is a great way to capture more content at the event.

You’ll also have a chance to capture fun highlights, if you have quirky activities and things to do at the event. Testimonials at events are impactful, too. These are provided by your attendees, giving their thoughts on the event.

  • Film interviews at the event with key people.
  • Film key moments of any VIPs attending the event.
  • Capture key sponsors for the exhibition.

Spent £5,000+ on your exhibition stand? Film it as you would a brand new car for example, film every angle and feature, including the big screens, signage, and branding. Another key point is to capture giveaway bags and show your team interacting with visitors.

Film guest speakers on your stand and any demonstrations your team is giving. It’s important to realise testimonials are key here, too; capture interviews with people and other brands which have visited your stand and received your content and information.

You can film interviews of your clients, vendors, and other event attendees during the event. This is a great way to provide non-biased, social proof to market your next event.

At events, you can tag and thank your attendees and share videos via social media, thus creating a memorable personal experience with the individual and your brand.

  • Film outside of the location to give the event some context.
  • Capture the atmosphere and decorative features.
  • Send the video out to all key contributors to the event.
  • Recording sound from the audio mixing desk.
  • Saving bloopers from the days filming.

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: Having an event video is an important asset; it can be added to your company’s showreel when producing future videos and looking back in time. Event videos can be hosted on your internal communications for your personnel to see. Besides, they are great for your marketing, too. They can be used on your social media platforms including Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Having your video optimised on YouTube has a great advantage for being found organically via Google search engines for your industry.

Our videography team at Impress Video have been filming corporate events and exhibitions for a number of years. We understand the fast-paced nature of these events, as you only get one chance to capture a moment. The team at Impress Video has worked with corporate clients for a number of years, working with established brands across the UK.

Our UK team has experience in producing video content for a number of corporate and commercial industries. Our team not only has the creative and technical know-how for creating video content, but the knowledge and experience of how it fits in the user journey of your marketing approach.

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Looking to take your company’s visual content to the next level? Our expert video production team is here to help! Contact us now to start the conversation and let us guide you towards a truly standout video production.

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