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We are a Promotional Video production company with offices in Derby, London and Manchester. We create content for brands of all sizes across the UK.

We create engaging Promotional Videos

We specialise in producing high-quality and engaging promotional videos, which can introduce a new product, a service, a company or a team. Thanks to having worked with many brands across the UK, we have the experience to create quality promotional videos.

Our clients can choose from our tried and tested filming methods, along with our collaborative approach. Throughout the process, our clients are guided by our knowledge of producing, scripting, filming and video editing experience.

Our Promo Video examples

Promo Videos for Businesses

We shot with the Campbell Academy a more personal promo video in which they explain their why, and what do they believe in.

Promotional Videos

Through a meticulously crafted promotional video, we showcased Opti Kinetics’ journey, innovations, aims, and everything about the magic they bring to countless lives.

Promotional Ads

Our task? Crafting a promotional advert for Varo Coffee highlighting their new luxury coffe brand. Each shot exuded sophistication, inviting viewers on a journey of refined indulgence.

Digital Marketing Videos

Bambooi wanted a promotional video to introduce their latest product: an electric bamboo toothbrush.

Promotional Showcase

So Good Kombucha wanted a video to showcase three of their kombucha drinks: gingerlicious, strawberry & basil, and elderflower mojito.

Product Promotional Videos

In this video, Impress produced a set of adverts for Easy Bathrooms in which we introduced their products and the buying process.

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Hari T
Hari T
I am so thrilled with the final outcome! The team understood what I needed and envisioned and bought it to life. Thanks so much for the hard work and creativity! So excited to share my videos now :)
Alison Parsons
Alison Parsons
I have worked with impress twice now and both times have been an absolute pleasure. Everyone was really friendly and professional and made the day so much fun. I hope to work with them again in the future
A Wat
A Wat
Impress Video exceeded all my expectations. They are so friendly and easy to work with, they grasp everything incredibly quickly, they're in tune with all the latest video technology and the end result was absolutely superb. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.
Sharib Sarfraz
Sharib Sarfraz
What a fantastic team. Delivered on time. No hidden costs. Gurmit was very understanding and we can tell that his team puts there 100% in each project. Looking forward to working with the team again.
Campbell Salloway
Campbell Salloway
Impress were fantastic in developing a video for my business, Gurmit and Harry a pleasure to work with. They worked well towards the brief, producing high quality content and came out to do further filming when required. Thanks guys
Alan Bridle
Alan Bridle
Impress were absolutely 5 STAR from the very first call right upto and beyond the final cut ! Our TV commercial was ambitious but they pulled it off. The end result was exactly what we wanted Top notch production company !!! Alan Bridle Betgoodwin
Angela Roberts
Angela Roberts
We have been using Impress for many years now for patient testimonial videos for our dental practices and I can highly recommend Gurmit and Harry! I think the service has been wonderful, they take over the whole process and arrange everything so I haven’t had to get involved in it which has been great. Gurmit is always very polite and easy to work with and we will be carrying on working with them in the future. Totally recommend!
Adam Smith
Adam Smith
I've worked with many different videographers over the years, and Impress Video are among the very best of them. Efficient, technically sound and incredibly approachable and understanding - I cannot recommend them enough. I'm elated with all of the work they've produced for us here at Securly.
Highly recommend Impress Video Production, friendly, reliable and professional service!
Range Marketing
Range Marketing
Highly Recommended. From the initial brief through to the finished creative, Gurmit and the team worked tirelessly to deliver what was required. Communication was spot-on throughout the project and we are delighted with the end result. Thank you.

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Looking to take your company’s visual content to the next level? Our expert video production team is here to help! Contact us now to start the conversation and let us guide you towards a truly standout video production.

What are Promotional Videos about?

Promotional video production is aimed at effectively promoting a product, service, brand, or event. It is a multifaceted process that combines creativity, storytelling, and marketing techniques to produce videos that engage viewers, convey key messages, and highlight the unique features and benefits of the offering.

The primary objective of promotional video production is to generate interest and capture the attention of the target audience. By crafting visually appealing and emotionally compelling videos, companies can create a strong connection with viewers, leaving a lasting impression in their minds. These videos serve as powerful marketing tools, capable of evoking emotions, triggering curiosity, and sparking desire within potential customers.

Frequently asked questions

Which approach will my promotional video have?

Below are some ideas of the approaches you can take for your video. You might choose one style of video specifically or a combination. For example, an introductory video with testimonials inside, etc. To give you some further ideas, here’s a list of possible options you could choose:

  • Who We Are: tell your audience who you are and what your company does.
  • Product Approach: introduce and showcase your products in a number of ways.
  • Demonstration: explain how your product or service works.
  • Interviews: show your customers talking about your services or products.
  • Solution: show how your product or service solves problems.
  • Story: use a story approach to connect with your audience.

Above all there are a number of reasons for producing a promotional video for your company or business. It can be for brand awareness and visibility, driving sales, retaining traffic, improving SEO, to showcase the benefits and features, for boosting conversions, educate customers or to increase customer engagement.

It’s important to realise that the stats over the past few years show that a video for your company will produce lasting and impactful results.

Promotional videos come in various styles, each with its unique characteristics and advantages. Here are a few popular styles commonly used in promotional video production:

  1. Live-Action Videos: involves filming real people, products, or locations to create an authentic and relatable experience.
  2. Animated Videos: use graphics, characters, and motion to bring stories to life. This allows endless creative possibilities, enabling you to tailor every detail to fit your brand identity.
  3. Explainer Videos: simplify complex ideas or processes. These videos break down complicated concepts into easily understandable visuals, making them ideal for educating your audience about your product or service.
  4. Testimonial Videos: feature satisfied customers or clients sharing their positive experiences with your brand.
  5. Product Demonstration Videos: features, benefits, and functionality of a product. These videos can effectively convince potential customers of its value.
    1. Bring a list of ideas to the table, you know your business better than anyone.
    2. Look to reuse your video in a number of ways.
    3. Include your key search SEO terms in all your videos for YouTube.
    4. Use your videos for social media, thinking about how your videos are displayed.
    5. Pull screen grabs from your videos to be used across online platforms.
    6. Produce videos of different lengths for different online platforms.
    7. Add your branding to every piece of content created.

81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, up from 63% over the last year (Hubspot).

Below are some key reasons for using a Promotional Video:

  • Engagement: in 60 seconds or less, you will be able to convey your company’s key offering.
  • Retention: website pages with video have been shown to keep website visitors up to 80% longer than standard text alone.
  • Brand awareness: in one clear message, you will share what your company’s message is and your unique voice.
  • Track and measure: you will be able to monitor your video’s performance and see from where viewers are watching your videos.
  • Google SEO: Your videos will be made searchable by Google search engines for your industry by using keywords.

Below are some of the ways our clients have used their videos on a number of platforms:

  • Host your video on your website above the fold.
  • Making shorter videos from the main video to be used on numerous pages of your website.
  • Creating videos of different lengths and sizes for social media platforms.
  • Producing your videos for WhatsApp to send to contacts to share.
  • Making videos for your emails and direct messaging campaigns.

Project Timeline

The Promotional Video Team at Impress Video

Above all our team at Impress has worked with a number of established companies and brands across the UK. In particular, we have worked with startups to companies with a multi-million-pound turnover.

We have over 10 years experience in filming and marketing and use a number of approaches in bringing promotional videos to life. Our UK film team has both the creative and technical know-how to create your video with impact.

The Right Promotional Video Agency

At Impress Video we bring creative and intelligent marketing together, especially having worked with a number of corporate industries over the years. We have seen the fast changes in these industries, in particular marketing and technology. Every agency has a blueprint for delivering on its vision and our blueprint comes from tried and tested methods in our collaborative approach with promotional video clients.

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Looking to take your company’s visual content to the next level? Our expert video production team is here to help! Contact us now to start the conversation and let us guide you towards a truly standout video production.

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