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TV Advert Production

Impress offers a full-in-house TV Advert production service

As a TV advert production company, we deliver high-end creative videos for companies across the UK. We handle the full filming process, from initial idea to screen. Our team of producers and directors are at the heart of our TV advertising agency.

Our experience and creativity is the reason why we are we continually working with brands. We specifically begin each advert by understanding your company, ethos, product and target audience.

Our TV Advert Examples


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Why Our Clients Chose Us

The Managing Director or Fifteen Design shares his experience of working with the team at Impress Video. Ollie especially highlights his ongoing working relationship with us at Impress in serving videos for his clients needs time and time again. He discusses the importance of partnering with a video agency that delivers time and time again.


Video Strategy

Research is key, here we identify who your target audience is, this will help define your video strategy.

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Ideas Development

We will present the creative approach for your idea through professional scripting and storyboards.

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Filming & Editing

With a clear plan we will film your project and bring the creative elements to life, on time and to budget.

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Sharing your videos on the right platforms is key in providing you with stats on their effectiveness.

The Creative Approach for your TV Ad

More money does not always equal more creativity, in essence really consider what your creative approach will be.
Researchers have found adding emotion to your advert has the best impact, so consider humour, thought-provoking ideas, or pulling at the heartstrings. There are so many examples out there to reference from.


TV Advert Production and Social Media

You will notice that some adverts on TV look slightly different on social media channels. That’s because they have been re-framed for mobile devices to better fill the screen. Make sure your TV ads are adjustable for the different social media platforms that you will be advertising on. Ensure you publish and create your videos for YouTube, as this will make them searchable organically via Google. You might find different social media platforms more relevant to your product offering, be it choosing Facebook over Instagram, or YouTube over LinkedIn.

Distributing Your TV Advert Production

Having a strategic plan for the distribution of your TV ad is key for making sure you have the best impact on your marketing. Your TV ad will share your brand’s voice in a matter of seconds. Will your TV campaign run alongside your online ad campaign, or will you have them run at different times to measure the success and engagement of the different platforms?


Use Your TV Advert on Social Media

It’s important to keep a close eye on the data and stats from distributing your TV ads via social media. Here, your target audience is engaging with your advert directly and responding to it, too. You will get fast insights as to the effectiveness of your ad and whether your target audience has connected with your TV advert idea or not.

SPECIAL NOTE – Time and time again, we have seen TV adverts being used on social media platforms where no one from the company engages with the public’s comments, whether good or bad, on the advert. Make sure this position is assigned to someone; do not leave it to third parties to attend to.

What approach will your TV ad take?

Below are some examples of the types of TV advert approaches companies take. On the whole you may choose one approach or combine a number of ideas for your advert.

  • Flash, a highlight video – the ones you see for car commercials with singing birds.
  • Ours is better – a comparison to other competitors in the industry.
  • Problem Solving – show your solution to the problem.
  • Demo – show your product or service in action.
  • People – everyday people commenting on your product or service.
  • Story – create a short story featuring your product.
  • Endorsements – have a celebrity endorse your product or service.


TV Advert Production Services

Our team produces all of our creative ideas, from storyboards to casting and filming, then onto final delivery of the edited TV advert. From start to finish, everything is done in-house, ensuring your advert is made ready for TV broadcast. We have produced creative documentaries for Amazon Prime, commercial footage for the BBC, ad campaigns, to feature films premiered at international film festivals, including Cannes and Camerimage. We have both the creative and technical know-how to deliver your TV advert to brief, on budget, and on time.

Things to Consider for your TV Advert

Below is a list of criteria in detail you should cover for your Advert :

  • Grab attention in the first 3 seconds.
  • Make it look professional – people are used to seeing quality productions, so stay consistent.
  • Target a key demographic; everyone is not your audience.
  • Does your TV advert comply with TV regulator Clearcast?
  • Do you have a digital package included for social media channels, like Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter?
  • Do you have a behind-the-scenes making of the adverts? This is great for extra content, such as blogs and your brand’s news updates.
  • Do you have clearance to show your ad worldwide regarding music and actors?
  • Do you have full ownership of the TV Ad via contracts?


Why now is a great time for TV Ads

In 2018, online advertising surpassed traditional TV advertising, so why is this a great time for TV Advert Production? Now, you can position yourself as a key player in the industry on terrestrial TV, as well as utilise your advert online, creating further brand awareness and engagement on widely distributed advertising campaigns.

By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic (Cisco). Recent statistics for video content have been overwhelming in relation to the multiple platforms now hosting video. Video is a key asset and investment, which forms a key factor in your marketing and digital asset.

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