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TV Advert

7th June 2022

Prohibited products on TV adverts

Prohibited products on TV adverts TV adverts are not only about writing screenplays and producing stunning TV commercials. It is also about checking the laws and rules of every country. Being this even more important than having a great production process. ThereRead More

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Product video trends for 2021

Product Video

25th February 2021

Top Product Video trends for 2021

What’s the best video type? How much does video production cost? What are the video trends for 2021? These and many other questions may have come to your mind after reading multiple sources. In this blog, we’re going to explore the latter.

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what is Get Gone about


8th January 2021

Get Gone Movie

6 years in the making and now it is official: let the show commence. The team got bigger and the vision got stronger. Allow me to reintroduce… Get Gone Movie, released on Amazon Prime the 21st of January

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New corporate video trends

Corporate Video

3rd November 2020

Corporate Videos in 2020

Businesses have been using corporate video to showcase their brand and products or services for many years. However, each year there are new trends. Within the 2020 corporate video trends we find:

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Event video production examples

Event Video

28th October 2020

Event Video Production ideas

Do you have a big event coming up for your company? Having doubts about the usefulness of event videos? Here in this blog we will show you the benefits of producing an event video as well as some event video production ideas you can use.

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Importance of product video

Product Video

8th October 2020

Why are Product Videos important?

A product video is an effective tool to highlight the product’s features and to show it in action. Its production requires a high investment. However, the time, money and effort invested are worth it. Let’s see now why it is important.

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5 types of product videos

Product Video

30th July 2020

5 types of Product Videos

Product videos are a powerful tool to help your customers understand the features and the benefits of your products. In this blog we’ll show you a quick example of 5 types of product videos that you can use.

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Instagram videos

Social media video

16th July 2020

Should I create Instagram Videos?

Although square shape photos (1080×1080) are still the most common format on Instagram, videos are becoming very popular. Some of the reasons that explain this change and that justify the investment in Instagram video production are the following:

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e-commerce videos

Product Video

21st May 2020

E-commerce Video Production

E-commerce videos are a powerful tool to show your product’s features and to raise brand awareness. In this blog we show you the different types of e-commerce videos as well as the platforms you can use to distribute them. We also give you some tips on how to create these videos. Click here to learn more.

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TV advert production

TV Advert

17th April 2020

What is a TV Advert?

A TV advert can be an effective advertising tool. It usually conveys a message and there are a number of approaches you can take when producing a TV ad.

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Making a good tv advert

TV Advert

26th March 2020

What makes a good TV Advert?

A TV Advert is powerful tool for advertisement. It conveys a message to a massive audience of potential consumers aiming to market a product or service. Here we include some tips to make a good TV Advert:

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tv advert making costs

TV Advert

20th March 2020

Cost of making a TV Advert

The cost of making a TV advert can vary. Through our research we have found that modest TV adverts sit anywhere between £15,000 to £50,000. But the question is: Where does all this money go? Here it comes explained.

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Product Video Production

Product Video

23rd September 2019

How to make a product video

What are the different types of Product Video? There are a number of ways to create your product video depending on what approach you want to take and the approach that best suits your brand. Currently product videos are being used for:Read More

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