Product Video types

Product videos are a powerful tool to help your customers understand the features and the benefits of your products. In this blog we’ll show you a quick example of 5 types of product videos that you can use.

  1. DETAILS VIDEO. Focus on the key aspects of the product. It shows the product details from different perspectives, this could be highlighted with titles.
  2. PRODUCT DEMONSTRATION. Focus on the product’s features. It shows people using the product in their everyday lives, (usually the target audience). The customers will feel like the product will satisfy their needs too.
  3. THE STORY VIDEO. This video shows the story behind the product. Why was it created? How is it made? What problems does the product solve? If you have an interesting story behind the product, this may be a good option.
  4. HOW TO VIDEO. Focus on the product’s functions. It shows customers how to use the product. If your objective is to increase conversions, I’ll recommend you to use any of the previously mentioned videos as tutorials are useful for those who already have the product not for those who want to make a purchase.
  5. PRODUCT REVIEWS. This video shows current customers leaving reviews about the product. It’s really useful to persuade your audience about buying your products as it gives more authentic information about your products outcomes. 

The type of video chosen will depend on your needs and on your target audience.  Do you want to focus on the aspect of the product? On the features? Which of these video will appeal your audience?  

Key things to consider

  1. TELL A STORY – Use the video to reiterate your brand values. 
  2. KEEP IT SHORT – In order to keep your audience attention, videos should not be longer than 90 seconds. 
  3. APPEAL TO YOUR AUDIENCE – Research who your target audience is and what they like before doing the product video. If they like the video, chances are they will buy the product. 

Why should I use Product Videos?

At this point, you already know what type of videos you can use to market your product video. But you may be asking yourself: ‘why should I invest in a product video? Is it worth it?’ The simple answer is yes!

  • Product videos increase your conversion rates.
  • Videos help companies show up in Google search results. 
  • A product video is more engaging than an image and it captures the audience’s attention for longer than any other marketing tool. 
  • Music and/or voiceover can help catch the audiences’ attention and further reinforce your product videos message. 

After reading this blog we hope you have a better understanding of the types of product videos you can use and their importance. Should you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch

Thanks for reading,