6 examples of Inspiring Promotional Videos

Using high-quality inspiring promotional videos to interact with customers in a short period of time is a powerful tool for businesses.

This is mostly because nowadays, individuals do not read an article or blog post as thoroughly as they did years ago. As a result, businesses must put in more effort than ever before to create more motivating videos. 

But owing to technological advancements and social media, businesses can now make such wonderful advertising videos much more easily.

So to inspire you, we’ll show you some of the greatest examples of inspiring promotional campaign videos. This way, you can use them as inspiration and apply some of these ideas to your firm’s promotional videos.

Cost of promotional videos

However, before you get too enthusiastic about making one, you should know that these sorts of videos, as we said in a previous blog, may cost anything from £500 to £50,000. 

We can determine the cost not only by the simplicity of use but also by the length of the project among many other factors.

Promotional Video Examples

Self-promotion video: Campbell Clinic

Here is one of our videos that we will use to demonstrate another method for making promotional videos.

Because of the delivery way, you may easily get to know the people that work at the organisation. As a consequence, you are more likely to feel comfortable in their specialists’ hands.

By making this personal approach, it can result in an increase in the company’s customers base.


Starbucks: demonstrating positivity and friendliness from both customers and workers

They strive to connect with their clients by creating this sort of organic social media video style. They do so as consumers may believe they have contributed to this when they see the clip.

Although the introduction hook is subtle, when combined with the comforting music, people can understand that this video will have a great overtone.

They are able to demonstrate their efforts toward corporate social responsibility (CSR) by moving their message and images from the individual to the community level.


Nike: motivational video with a famous figure

Now we will be explaining this award-winning commercial, led by Colin Kaepernick, activist and former NFL quarterback.

Thanks to Kaepernick’s motivational narration, Nike hopes to inspire others to push their limits and achieve the impossible, which makes it to be a great inspiring promotional video.

The excellent aspect of this video is not just the striking visual, but also the motivating soundtrack, the narrator’s eye contact, and the angles of the footage.


3M Command Strips: engaging start

The video begins with a tap, tap, tap…stop. But why should she stop?

Since the beginning of the video, they have been enticing us to find out why and what occurs. As a result, we see that hook can be the most effective method for engaging viewers in the video.

By discussing the product they are displaying since the beginning, it would not have resulted in as many people watching the video as it does now with the snappy opening.


M&S: perfect visual demonstration of their products

The London based department store has promoted their luxury food products in a visually perfect way.

We can tell from this video that it has popped mainly because of the contrast and diversity of colours,

However, the outcome of the video is as good as it is due to the constant geometric forms and the seamless transitions between shots.


Spotify: animated video production 

Before having the current market position, they had to promote themselves in different markets to reach more people. 

So did they in this advertisement. Just by using motion graphics and animation, accompanied by upbeat background music and no voice over, they captivated people’s senses.


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