An update on the effectiveness of TV adverts

Businesses rely on the effectiveness of tv adverts. However, there is a serious debate as to how effective they are.

Is television advertising still capable of providing a return on investment (ROI)? We will answer all these questions in this blog.

What is the current situation?

Many broadcasting platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and even YouTube, have seen an increase in popularity lately.

As a result, many people believe that Tv ads are becoming obsolete as time passes.

However, we shall analyse certain statistics collected in big databases that will demonstrate why TV commercials are as successful for the corporation as they were previously.

What we know

Every year, the Global TV Deck compiles a ranking of the effectiveness of TV commercials in 26 different nations (available here).

Advertisers will then have access to transparent data and new insights into what happens in each nation. So they will know where they should invest in a TV commercial and where not to invest.


  • 70.1 per cent of Europe’s population spends around 3 hours and 39 minutes each day in front of the television. As a result, television is an excellent advertising medium.
  • When individuals watch videos, they do it 90% of the time through the television.
  • Despite the arrival of platforms like Netflix and YouTube, TV consumption remains consistent over the world.

Although many people believe that with the popularity of the previously stated platforms, TV commercials will become outdated, they believe tv advertisements are more trustworthy than other types of adverts.

TV commercials for small businesses

On the other hand, TV advertising is an excellent tool for small businesses. This occurs because it enables them to offer powerful and revolutionary videos.

As they can harvest current client demand through these channels, new and small businesses find it easier to promote themselves through sponsored search or Facebook advertisements.

However, they may reach a point when they become stagnant since they will most likely be speaking to the same pool of customers over and over again.

So it would be preferable if they began producing TV advertisements in order to reach the greatest number of potential clients in the most cost-effective manner.

Also, have in mind which time slots to choose for your advertisement, as depending on the one you choose it will get to more or less potential customers.

TV, in addition to being cost-effective, gives emotion, which allows customers to strengthen their faith in them. This fosters good connections with the brand, resulting in a long-term dynamic that helps the firm flourish.

And why not take a look at the trends in tv advertising so you get an insight into what is best to do now?


For all of the reasons stated above, we still believe in the power and effectiveness of TV adverts, and that they are still beneficial to businesses. And even more advantageous if the firm is small. What are your thoughts about the blog?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read it,