Animated video types for your corporate videos

There are multiple animated video types in which you can capture people’s attention. Animation and motion graphics have become vital aspects of a corporate marketing strategy. So given its potential, we’ve chosen to compile a list of the many animated video genres available to inspire your next corporate videos and marketing campaigns.

1. Cartoon animation 

Cartoon animation is one of the most popular types of animated videos. It’s great for narrative and creating emotions like humour, shock, curiosity, and cuteness. Furthermore, the primary character in these videos usually represents the consumer and his or her difficulties.

animation video types - cartoons

2. Motion graphics

Another popular animation video format is motion graphics, which has a more professional appearance.

As they are more realistic in nature, they help in projecting a more serious profile to the viewer. However, for a greater effect, it is usual to combine 3D with motion graphics.

3. Whiteboard animation

This animated video style has lately gained popularity. This video type usually shows a hand creating pictures on a whiteboard.

So we can say this is a minimalist style noted for its ability to keep people’s attention in instructive videos.

animation video types - whiteboard

4. Rotoscope animation 

Another complex animation type is the rotoscope one, where the animator sketches over the live camera feed. To create such videos, you can do it by using softwares such as After Effects.

This animated video style can provide a more unique and realistic sense to your film, but it is costly. They take a significant amount of time and work to create.

5. Stop motion animation 

Now, talking about stop motion animation, we can say it involves photographing an item as it moves. Then, this set of pictures is played in a single sequence, which gives the impression that the things are moving.

However, a high-quality stop motion video can be somewhat costly. But if you’re searching for something a little more unique, stop motion animation could be the way to go.

6. 3D animation 

Toy Story and other films popularised 3D animation, which entails creating digital characters that can be moved around. Despite the fact that these films are excellent, few people invest in them owing to the expensive production expenses. However, if you have the money, go for it!

animation video types - 3D animation

7. Mixing live action with animation 

For some of your videos, a mix of live action and animation can be the way to go. On the one hand live-action gives authenticity to your video. And on the other hand, animation adds an added degree of quality.

This combination provides the realism that many people want, so it may help you create something wild.

8. Motion capture

This is a more recent style of hyper-realistic 3D animation. Motion capture makes the creation of realistic face emotions and character animation easier.

To achieve this type of animation, the process involves dressing actors in motion-tracking suits.

Motion capture may be quite costly. Furthermore, we advice you to only use it if it completely coincides with your marketing objectives.

9. Typography animation 

The good thing about typography is that it uses text animation to capture and communicate a message to the audience. For that reason, this design is ideal for explainer videos, engaging presentations, staff training materials, and interactive statistics models in the corporate sector.

Typography is far less expensive than other styles of animation, so if you’re on a tight budget, typography is perfect for you.

animation video types - typography


We hope you enjoyed reading this blog about the types of animated video types that are out there. Thank you for taking the time to read it.



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