Are Amazon Product Videos worth the investment?

8th July 2021

When you sell on Amazon, you will know that no matter how niche the category is, there is no category without fierce competition today. Product videos, can prevent buyers from scrolling the page. They can catch the customer’s attention and attract viewers for 20 seconds or more. In a fast-paced e-commerce environment, this is pure gold.

The impact of an Amazon Product Video

With more than 60,000 brands, video is ideal for optimizing listings and increasing brand loyalty. Amazon Product Videos enable potential customers to obtain images, emotional cues and valuable information, thereby allowing them to quickly access a large amount of information.

Research shows that 90% of customers find videos helpful when they make an online purchase. Therefore, marketers should consider investing in product video production. To be effective, the Amazon Product Video should explain the problem the product solves, its features and advantages or display the product in real life. Besides, the content should include a more detailed description of what the product can do and how it works than the Amazon token. Another good practice is to compare the product to the competitors’ one. Comparing videos can also help prove the functionality of the product.

In addition, it is important to note that Amazon Product Videos can reduce negative reviews by providing more accurate product descriptions and reduce the likelihood of buyers buying products that do not meet their needs.

Amazon Product Video formats

The content and type of videos used vary by product and brand. Certain items such as clothing and shoes will benefit from lifestyle videos that show products from different angles. Technical items and household items should be more detailed to help viewers understand their attributes. The goal is to restore the physical interaction with the product as much as possible so that customers can experience it before buying. The most popular video types for marketers include:

1. Product highlight videos

The focus of this minimal format of a product video is to fully display the product in a concise format, which can include the use of traditional 360° article overviews on a flat background. More complex elements, such as close-ups and snapshots, can also be used.

2. Lifestyle videos

Amazon Product Videos can go beyond the traditional advantages and features of the product. Lifestyle videos are focused on how the product affects people’s lives. This format usually takes an inspiring approach and is also effective for interacting with the audience and selling other products (as part of a general lifestyle).

3. Introductory videos

This type of video is designed to showcase products to customers to help them understand the objects and their roles. This video format is popular in categories such as toys and beauty, where the product itself and the customer’s interaction with it is an experience.

4. Explainer video

These videos highlight the advantages of the product and how it helps consumers. This is especially effective for food marketers whose appearance does not fully reflect the advantages of the product.


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