These are the best B2B video ideas for your video marketing strategy

The main reason why you need these B2B video ideas is that due to the rapid growth of technology, Business to Business (B2B) companies can promote their products and services more and more. So if we take this and add it to the fact that video marketing has become one of the most powerful tools for most of these companies. 

B2B companies can use several types of videos (Product videos, animated videos, how-to videos, customer reviews, etc.), but the ones they choose depend on their objectives. Some common objectives are:

  1. Boost brand awareness
  2. Build brand trust and loyalty
  3. Increase conversions and raise profits

If you are the owner of a B2B company and you are seeking any of these goals, keep reading as further along the blog we will show you which B2B video ideas are more suitable to achieve each objective.

1. Brand Awareness: 3 B2B video ideas

If your main objective is to raise brand awareness, consider investing in the production of any of these video types:

Brand Videos

Brand videos are used to showcase both the products and services on offer and the people behind its production. If they are eye-catching and well-produced, people will likely share them, which will help you reach larger audiences. 

Video Interviews

Potential buyers usually have busy schedules and are not able to book a meeting to know more about you. Interviewing the CEO or some of the employees about the company’s main activity, the price of the products and case studies is a good way to reach that audience.

Event Videos

Organising an event requires a lot of time and budget. Filming an event video is a great way to extend the event and to reach those unable to attend it. These videos usually include shots of the location and of the activities as well as interviews to organisers and attendees.

2. Brand Trust and Loyalty: 5 video types

If you want to build brand trust and loyalty, then you should consider investing in these video ideas:

Videos with the team

Customers don’t want to know only about your product and service, but also about the people behind its production. This is because they like to buy from real humans, not just from a new name.

So in these type of corporate videos, they let other people know a little bit more about the team, and that will help them build the brand trust they need.

Client Testimonial Videos

Businesses usually seek for social proof before making a purchase. Filming some clients talking about their positive experience will help other businesses trust your company and encourage them to take action.

Influencer Marketing Videos

Another option you have to build loyalty and brand trust is to hire an influencer or brand ambassador to promote your product or service. People usually trust these people’s opinions. Thus, if they talk positively about your company, many of their followers may immediately trust you too.

User-generated content

As mentioned before, businesses seek for social proof before making a purchase. Sharing content created by other users highlighting the features and benefits of your products is key to help them build brand trust. 

CEO’s tips

Some potential buyers want to learn more about the CEO, his/her values and beliefs before making a purchase. Having video content about her/him giving some tips or explaining how the product works, proves that the CEO cares about solving the clients problems.

3. Boost sales: 4 B2B video ideas

Finally, if your main objective is to boost sales, these are the type of videos that best suit you. 

Product Videos

These videos highlight the main features and benefits of the products or services. They are a great opportunity to show potential customers how you can solve their problems.

If it’s well produced and impactful, they may end up purchasing the product or hiring the service. Moreover, if you follow the current trends in product videos, you will make the most out of it.

Explainer Videos

These videos often teach viewers about the products or services. They give customers an opportunity to find out how to use them and to figure out if they actually solve their problems.

Animated Videos

These type of videos are mostly used to explain complex ideas, products or services. It helps customers better understand the key aspects about them, and customers love them, here is why.

Q&A (Question & Answer)

Producing and uploading a Q&A to your social media or website answering the most frequently asked questions may help potential customers in their purchasing process. It may help them solve any doubt and make a decision. 


After reading this blog you may have a better understanding of the type of B2B video you should use depending on your objectives. We hope you found this blog interesting. Thank you for taking the time to read it,



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This blog was published on 12 December 2020, but for understandability and update purposes, this was updated on 11 November 2022.