Crafting the Perfect Product Video: From Concept to Screen

Crafting the perfect product video will capture the audience’s attention, improving engagement and making your product outstanding. As technologies and trends evolve, video content remains the key form of communication to showcase a product’s features.

Producing a product video includes several phases, and it takes creativity. The potential of product videos can be maximised if they are well-crafted, enhancing your brand’s visibility. So, lets deep into the insights and key points to make an IMPRESSive product video with two examples of our latest product videos of coffee brands.

Processes Involved in Crafting the Perfect Product Video

Preparing the Shooting

Planning and setting up is key for good video production, and even more to catch the right angles of the product and show its purpose. Before starting to shoot a product video, there is a lot behind it. First, understanding the target audience for that video and the brand image of the product. Next, knowing the message to transmit and how to do it according to the audience specified in the previous step. Then, brainstorming to get different ideas and views in the team.

With all these, the details such as storyboard and script come into play. This way, everyone in the shooting will know what they have to do and the intention of the video.

Equipment and Videography Techniques

Setting up the place to make the shooting is key, like putting in place the tripods, the cameras and lighting accordingly, making sure the sound is in the right distance… Choosing the right place according to the image of the brand will make your video impressive, as it must match accordingly. Depending on the shooting spot (either natural light or artificial) the techniques to shoot change. Usually, natural lighting does not require fixing it, but if the video requires adjusting the light, shades must be avoided as much as possible, so the editing is easier.

For example, below for the Varo Coffee project we did, the spot matched the intended brand image of the company.

where to shoot a product video
Selecting the right shooting location
matching the product video with the shooting location
Aligning the spot with the product’s brand image

Bringing Concepts to Life

When everything is set up, creativity and thinking out of the box are what will make the production different from any other product video. Nowadays, people want to see engaging videos, not traditional product videos. however, be careful not to be too innovative, as there are some musts to keep, such as demonstrating the product characteristics. A good example is our product video for Pic Coffee, follow our Instagram post link:


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Overcoming Challenges

Challenges arise in any kind of video production, even if you have every detail planned. Sometimes is because of a tight budget, or the lighting, or it does not go as planned. Nevertheless, with experience, we all learn how to get the most out of the chosen location. Playing with the different colours and shades is crucial. So, be prepared to have to change plans last minute and come up with different ideas!

Behind the Scenes of a Product Video Shoot

The process of making the production takes a lot of behind-the-scenes and repeating some parts several times. So, it requires patience and rethinking everything again. But if you work with a good company and the right casting, it can be fun to make. From scratch until finally edited, collaborating and bringing together ideas are continuous processes.


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Overall, getting the perfect product video requires time and experience. But if the product videography includes preparing and having a good storyboard, it will approach consumers correctly. Hence, leading to increasing sales as well as enhancing brand awareness. So, get started making a product video that impresses for your company!

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