Why do you need to hire a product videographer when you have a smartphone with a camera that can take high-quality videos? A high-quality camera is not enough to produce engaging product videos that drive results. You need expertise and a set of skills that may take time to be honed too.

We know that it is a hard decision, especially for those businesses that are on a budget. Thus, we’ve decided to write a blog about the benefits of hiring a product videographer to help you evaluate your decision.

6 benefits of hiring a videographer

1. Fast video production

Professional videographers produce videos fast while you may spend a lot of time producing something of decent quality.

And learning videography is not worth it, especially with the multitude of software and camera equipment that exists out there. It may hinder you from meeting other key company deadlines.

Plus, the product video production process can’t be underestimated. It requires many steps. After the footage has been shot, it could take hours to edit and add any special effects. Furthermore, the music and audio need to match the flow of the video to make it one seamless experience.

Having the wrong video composition, an edit that doesn’t flow, and audios that don’t match make it less professional.

2. Up to date videography equipment

Why should people avoid using their phones or low-budget cameras to record their product videos? Equipment of a higher standard is required to get the right depth in the shots and to have the flexibility for the creative vision.

Besides, the word equipment does not only refer to the camera. It also includes tripods, lenses, sound equipment and much more. All this equipment tends to be expensive. Buying it instead of hiring a videographer will be a waste of money, especially if you only have to shoot a couple of videos for the company.

3. Lighting is key in a product video

To get the details and quality of your product, you need extensive lighting knowledge.

For a product videographer, the lights are the brushes that they use to paint the canvas. Shadows (if they are in the right places) can create depth and character and the tone of the light gives the right emotion to the video. Lighting also helps define where the audiences’ focus needs to go. All this is necessary to help the product videos stand out, and have the intended impact.

Don’t take this lightly.

It is definitely a skill that comes from years of practice. The lighting equipment can be very expensive too.

4. The product videographer let’s you focus on the bigger picture

As a company, producing a video that meets your marketing needs should be your priority.

Focusing on the production side of the product video takes time and energy. It all starts with an idea, but the execution process can be long and difficult. The person in charge should define locations, sets, props and actors. He/she then needs to rent equipment, which apart of time takes money.

All this is ready to go for a professional product videography company. Giving you the time to focus on the bigger picture of the entire process.

5. Originality

Product videographers keep up with trends. They know what is trending within each demographic group. Plus, they easily come up with original ideas. Ideas that are likely to produce the emotional responses you’re looking for. Product videographers also know how to tell stories across multiple different platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

6. Sound quality

When it comes to video, sound quality is way more important for viewers than video quality. Above all, if someone is talking in the videos this needs to be very clear. This is a guarantee with a professional videography company as they have the latest high-quality mics and sound systems.

After reading this blog you may have a better understanding of the benefits of hiring a product videographer. Should you have any doubts, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you for reading,