The Benefits of Live Streaming Your Next Event

Are there any real benefits in live streaming your events, such as concerts or corporate events? Or do the costs outweigh the advantages, or does it cause your attendance to drop?

First of all let’s clear up one of the most common concerns: the price. Because of the success of platforms such as Periscope and Facebook Live, live video streaming has taken zero-cost broadcasting into the mainstream. So now there are more offerings in the live events sector.

Now that we know this, we can safely state that live video is a worthwhile investment for a wide range of activities, including small concerts and corporate events with a worldwide audience.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the organisation of events ceased due to all the public gatherings and social distancing restrictions. This is when live streaming came as a new way of holding an event. Now, although the restrictions have ended, most companies continue broadcasting events. Video is really good for promoting your events and other type of exhibitions.

So yes, we have finished talking and will now dive into the benefits of live streaming events to understand why it has become so well-liked. 

9. Find targeted niches

Once the event is over, event organisers have access to some metrics that give them information about the audience (including their tastes). This information is key to improve future events.

8. Create a sense of urgency

If a one-time-only event is organised, the event can be marketed as a rare and unique event, encouraging people to act quickly so they don’t miss the offer.

7. It provides viewers with authenticity and transparency

On the one hand, the events are unedited. This allows for a more humanised, genuine experience. On the other hand, the willingness to answer comments (positive and negative) and questions in real-time demonstrates a commitment to transparency.

6. Boost interactions

Live streaming allows attendees to ask questions or leave comments on the chat while the event is taking place. Therefore, boosting interactions.

5. Stand out from the crowd

Many businesses have not started using live streaming technologies yet. Incorporating live streams into your marketing strategy could give you an advantage over your competitors.

4. Ability to repurpose the material

The value of the footage does not disappear once the event is over. Once finished, all the content can be shared and repurposed. Event organisers can, for instance, upload it in YouTube to reach even larger audiences, create a highlight reel for the attendees or grab stills for future posts or promotional content within others.

3. Reach larger audiences

Live events have geographical and physical limitations. Only a limited amount of people (usually from nearby areas) can attend the event. On the contrary, content in a live-streamed event is available to a worldwide audience. The lack of geographical restrictions in a live stream also allows event organisers to bring foreign speakers to the event at no additional cost. 

2. Reduce cost.

When a live event is hosted, organisers must pay for accommodation, travel expenses, equipment etc. The investment needed to live stream an event is much lower as organisers only need a camera, good internet connection and a streaming platform to be able to live stream the event.

1. Open new revenue opportunities

The live stream can be directly used to generate revenue. Event organisers can either charge everyone that would like to watch the live stream of the event (pay-per-view model), give limited free access, and ask viewers to pay a fee for unrestricted viewing or create a monthly subscription. An alternative is sponsor ads (adverts are displayed along the live stream in exchange for money). 


Although we have just seen that in general there are many benefits to live stream an event, you should assess whether a live stream would be beneficial for your event. If you want your event to thrive on exclusivity, for example, we recommend you not to invest in live streaming. This event will benefit from being kept intimate instead. 

However, if you think that live streaming will be beneficial for your brand, consider hiring a professional team for better results. The last thing you want that day is to have shaky footage or delays in the audio. 


After reading this blog, you may have a better understanding of what are the benefits of live streaming an event. Thank you taking the time to read it,

Maria & Marta.


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