Best action plan for publishing a video

During the last few months we have been sharing the best tips for when you are creating a video, from the six most significant video pre-production tips, the nine most important video production tips, to the 3 best editing tips. That’s why we are now going to go over the action plan for publishing a video after having produced it.

Find the keywords of your video

action plan after publishing a video - find keywords

We recently shared with you some of the best practices to boost your video’s visibility. One of the tips that we gave you was to add the targeted keyword to the file name, titles and meta description.

To find out the focus keyword, you need to do some keyword research. There exist lots of easy-to-use keyword research tools providing valuable data which can be classified into 3 groups: free, premium and freemium. 

Those that can be accessed for free are Google Trends, Google’s “people also ask” and YouTube and Amazon autocomplete.  While the freemium ones are Semrush, Answer the public, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest and Moz.

These “freemium” websites are paid websites, but they allow visitors to use the premium features for free for a limited time or a number of searches. All of them provide essential information, so consider login to see how they can help you improve your marketing strategy.

Prepare the video for the platform

You may have heard that the shorter the video, the better due to shorter attention spans. But that isn’t always true.

The length of a video is determined by the platform, the stages in the buyer’s journey, the target demographics and the type of video you have.

A YouTube viewer, for example, will happily watch a 5 minutes video whereas an Instagram user will only support videos of up to 1 minute.

Simultaneously, younger audiences will prefer short and exciting videos while older audiences will have a preference for long and informative ones.

So there’s no right or wrong length. It varies from one company to the other. You’ll have to do some research about your customers and their journey in order to determine how short or long your video needs to be.

YouTube for small businesses

action plan after publishing a video - youtube

Here at Impress, we get to work with many small businesses, and we always recommend them to include YouTube to their strategy! As YouTube can be extremely beneficial for a small brand. Why? Here we will give you the 5 reasons why you should be using YouTube for your brand.

  • Reason number 1: as the platform has over 2 billion users, it is a great tool to reach and connect with large audiences.
  • The second reason is that it is free.
  • Number 3: you can drive loads of traffic to your website. But how? Well, YouTube is owned by Google. So if your videos are well-optimised, you can easily appear on Google search. The chances to be found by people interested in your products or services doubles.
  • Forth reason: reduced costs. By having videos that help with customers’ most common problems you start to reduce your customer support service costs.
  • And reason number 5: Insights. Just like Google Analytics, YouTube gives you insights into your videos’ audience and performance. This information is key to defining your audience and then being able to further tailor your marketing efforts.

We always tell that you must market your videos and increase your audiences if you want to position yourself as a serious and professional video producer. However, at the beginning it will be normal if you do not have loads of views. Also, your audience will give little interaction, but don’t give up.

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