Best Corporate Video examples

2nd July 2020

Best Corporate Video examples

What is a Corporate Video?

In this blog we are going to highlight different corporate video examples explaining the reasons for their success. But, What is a corporate video?

Corporate videos are produced by many companies to increase brand awareness and to show the products and services that they offer. They can also be used to showcase case studies of past clients where products and or services have helped. Videos are then often used internally or externally on websites and social media channels.

There are many types of corporate videos, the most common being:

Corporate Videos Examples

HubSpot (An inbound marketing platform)

This corporate video does not explain what HubSpot offers as a company. Instead, it focuses on the concerns of their target audience. After stressing those problems, they offer a solution. This ‘problem-solution’ approach makes the viewer feel confident, supported and empowered and encourages him/her to acquire HubSpot services. Ultimately, HubSpot wants to show that they can help marketers stress less and do more. 

RIPO (A Latvian furniture design and manufacturer)

In this video the company shows everything they do, including their ethos and what makes them stand-out from their competitors. What has really made them succeed is the use of captions/subtitles as it opens the small Latvian company to the world.

When doing a corporate video think about what is the best language to use to broaden your audience as much as possible. 

John Deere (American manufacturers of agricultural, construction and forestry machinery)

The video was made to show the company’s history, their products and to explain why these products are becoming more essential in the following years. These videos help businesses build brand trust. So, if you have a strong and remarkable history, don’t doubt about doing a corporate video explaining it. 


Google decided to do a corporate video where five summer interns shared their experience, their thoughts and the company culture from their point of view. They aimed to build strong relationships with customers as people usually feel more confident when listening/reading reviews and when they see a nice working environment.


This corporate video takes a completely different approach compared to the previous ones. Here, the company explains the app/solutions provided from the user’s point of view. Some of their customers describe the product’s characteristics and explain the benefits of using it. This makes the audience think “If the app works for them, it can also work for me”. What’s more, the impact is even higher due to the music, humour and filming style used. 


In 2018, Microsoft released a 1 min explainer video for their cloud platform. It outlines how your problems can be solved and the benefits that it could bring to your business. Basically, it translates complicated messages into a language that everyone can understand. 

What’s more, this proves that companies of different sizes can use corporate videos as a marketing tool. Smart videos can have an impact for all large, medium and small businesses. 

Tinsa (A leading valuation, assessment and real estate consultant)

Finally, we have a typical company profile video. This corporate video explains what the company does, shows its growth path and displays their employees’ expertise and capabilities. Furthermore, it includes some staff testimonials, giving the overall video a personal touch.

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