Video vs Text Testimonials, which type of customer review wins?

In general, a customer review is when people make statements about their experience using that product or service. This statement has the function of confirming (or denying) and validating (or discrediting) someone’s character and capabilities.

However, from the company’s perspective, testimonials are proof that what you do works. As a result, it serves as a window for stakeholders to see and understand what it’s like to work with you. It also allows users to see the kind of people/companies with whom your firm often works, which may sometimes get lost in translation if your brand messaging isn’t clear enough or if your website fails to convey the message.

They are much more than proof, which is why they are such an effective tool to employ in your brand awareness.

You’ve probably heard about customer reviews on websites before. But have you ever wondered what kind of customer review is best? Video Testimonials or Text Testimonials. Continue reading to learn more about this.

whihc is the best customer review type

As we will see later, both have good and bad points. But first and foremost, we must state that testimonials in general, regardless of their format, will aid in the generation of sales. However, depending on your objectives and budget, you can decant by using one or more of the other. As a result, we’ll explain and compare client testimonial reviews in text and video below.

How quick the message arrives to the viewer

To begin, testimonial videos are a very indirect way of showing what you do, how you act, and what you do differently. This strategy goes straight to the point, allowing viewers to see themselves through the eyes of someone who has previously worked with you… or who is now working with you today!

Ease to create the testimony

Text-based testimonials, are really easier to create. You may even write their testimonials for you, depending on whether they grant you permission or not. 

However, testimonial videos are more difficult to create as they require a huge investment in video production. Nevertheless, the fact that you have invested money in the production of a video also says a lot. It demonstrates that you care about making a difference for others and that you want everyone to see how people feel about you.

Where you’ll see it

Although text-based testimonials are easy to create, they have a limit, especially if what you’re offering, whether a product or a service, is difficult to understand. Yes, you can post them in a cute frame with impactful colours. However, it will not engage half the number of people a testimonial video will.

On the other hand,, we have client testimonial videos that you, as a business, may share in almost any platform to gain maximum visibility. So it will be more likely that you will get more engagement, thus more sales in your products or services. You can repurpose your video content and apart from publishing these videos on your website, you can use these video testimonials as YouTube advertisements or on your landing page.

Which one we believe is the best one

In our opinion, the video is a far stronger win. Draw your audience’s attention with both hands, without letting anything slip through the translation. What’s more, visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than other types of content. As a consequence,  the amount of potential customers and brand awareness increase. 

Finally, customer review videos on your website also provide SEO value and drive more traffic to your site. But, the question is, how to get memorable video testimonials from customers? It can be simplifies in 4 steps:

  1. Show them that they are valuable. Explain why did you pick them.
  2. Be helpful and lead the process.
  3. Offer to interview them. It will be easier for customers to share their experiences answering questions.
  4. Show them good examples

Customer Review Videos at Impress

To date, we have produced over one hundred interviews and client review videos. We have done them for documentaries, behind the scenes for films and corporate video testimonials. Thus, we can say that the team at Impress has the knowledge and expertise required to create impactful customer review videos to market your business and to build credibility among new potential customers.

Once you have the video it can be used in social media, newsletters or the company’s websites within other options to increase its impact. Here you can see our in-house testimonials.

our client testimonials

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