Exceptional training videos ideas from which you can inspire

Best training video examples can aid with getting inspiration since they are gaining popularity due to their educational part as well as their functionality and cost-effectiveness. Making training videos can save classroom costs as well as hiring costs, so, start deepening your employees’ knowledge!

People tend to like videos rather than articles or documents. According to a survey, 69% of people prefer videos and they improve retention by 35%.

But first, let’s start by differentiating internal and external training videos, to then give examples of some of the best videos.

Internal vs External Training Videos

On the one hand, internal training videos are only for employees and internal staff of the company. By using an organisation’s own resources and knowledge, the company can produce its own training videos.

On the other hand, external training videos are published on the internet and anyone can access them, either by paying or without any charge. External videos can be for educational purposes or to make people aware of certain issues.

Some of the best training videos examples

Depending on the target and the purpose of the training videos, they will be done in different manners. Following, we will try to give some of the best different examples of each type of training video.

1. Professional Online Academies – HubSpot Academy

These kinds of online academies help online viewers gain knowledge in several ranges of categories. With their online courses and certifications, they attract customers, either individuals or companies that make their employees enroll. Furthermore, they provide case studies, exercises, and slides of the content.

Even more, HubSpot Academy (where they offer all the online courses) is part of HubSpot in general, which is a company that covers much more. They have now developed HubSpot video (seen above), HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Deal Board… Following this example and taking ideas from them can provide you with the knowledge necessary to start thinking about online training and how to diversify your own portfolio.

2. YouTube professional videos – IAB UK Training Video

Maybe, it is internal training videos that you are looking for. With our example, you can see that professional training is a perfect opportunity for your employees to further their knowledge.

It is a good idea to start making a course or using one that is already done in your corporation. Videos like these are engaging and can be viewed on any device and anywhere. Thus, expert video training can are gaining presence due to its facility and explained content.

3. Interaction platforms – Resuscitation Council UK

This is the introductory video of a series of videos that the UK government has created in a platform to try and help lifesaving. This kind of external video and the necessity to make an impact are better with interaction. What is more, real-based videos and situations that can happen to everyone, impact viewers and make them imagine the situation. Something like the video can happen tomorrow in your office, or at home, and being aware is key to preventing them.

So, creating a website platform with different videos can be a good option for your company.

4. Innovative and humor – Lightning safety (Interview With a Cloud)

As mentioned before, if the videos are for people in general, they have to be engaging and fun, without leaving behind the educational part.

Interview with a cloud is fun, and fresh while not being boring to watch. Behind all these jokes, they transmit real information in an interactive manner. It is a good strategy since lightning usually scares people, but in the video, it is easily understood and does not panic anyone. This can be an option if the purpose is only one or two short videos to get viewer engagement (such as tv adverts).

5. Equality and teamwork – Challenge assumptions (pwc)

Moreover, it is good to add some videos about inclusivity and diversion, championing employees’ well-being. This will improve and help equality, and it is never a bad idea to remind about it every now and then.


It may seem complicated to transmit information and knowledge, but with a team of specialists, all is easier. Thus, for either of the goals you are trying to reach as a company, training and educational videos are the perfect options to make it simple and accessible.

Thank you for taking the time to read the vlog and hopefully these training videos examples will make you start considering making training videos,



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