22nd June 2016

Blog Take 1 – And Action…!

Welcome to our 1st blog since our updated website went live, we had some teething problems – putting the finishing touches to some alignment issues, some ‘cross platform’ bugs, but we’re 98% there. I can’t wait to see what our site will look like towards the end of the year based on visitor stats and endless amounts of feedback and… enough of that.


Its been a great 1st quarter for us at Impress Video, we’ve developed some strong relationships, worked with a range of businesses and really focused on our core strategies for the rest of the year – to produce more creative content that’s made trackable, scalable and measurable based on our clients ROI.

Our creative endeavors have seen to the development of TV and Film productions which we will also be showcasing via this blog.


Property, new products to market, fashion and logistics have been on the rise for us in 2016. We’ve seen the mobile phone market totally dictate the way sites are presented as well as video being at the forefront of many forward thinking design agencies.

Innovation and creation has been our motto at Impress Video and we’ll be putting out some marketing material over the coming months which will be both educational, forward thinking and above all creative!


Twitter & Instagram

It’s incredible to see how the lines of marketing on ones website and across different platforms including social media are fast becoming blurred.

Twitter included video, Instagram extended video and clients have been fast to take up on these opportunities, pushing content out of different lengths.


Organisations of all sizes are seeing and reaping the benefits of YouTube Video Ads in targeting their core audience. Definitive selective marketing allows one to target a potential viewer from a key social group or area of interest, so many times a week at key times… more on this to come!


Let our platform begin, a chance to voice our opinions, start some creative and tech discussions and showcase our case studies and strategies. Best practice is shared and as video is fast becoming a key factor for 99% of businesses in the world today we thought we share our experiences allowing readers to too share their thoughts and ideas and learn from tried and tested methods.

Thanks for reading.

Gurmit Samra


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