Mastering Video SEO – Optimising and Enhancing your Video Content

Video SEO importance has increased exponentially due to the increasing importance of video marketing. Digitalisation means that nowadays, consumers can do everything online with just a click. Video content represents more than 80% of online traffic since 2019. Therefore, video content is key to marketing success currently. However, video on its own will not drive traffic to your website, good SEO practices will.

More than three billion users watch videos on the Internet. But, how to approach them and make them engage with your content? Well, there are billions of videos, so improving your SEO is what will make you appear before others. As a consequence, this will attract viewers to your website, and thus, make them interact with your content and even contact your business. For it, we have some practices in order to optimise and enhance your visibility and boost your consumers’ engagement.

What is Video SEO and why is it important?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Therefore, Video SEO means growing your video’s visibility by applying some techniques in order for Search Engines such as Google to rank your website and content higher. All in all, your business appears upper in the results pages when people search for content related to your company.

Although there are some tricks that you can apply, they will not secure you appearing first. Nevertheless, with good marketing and patience along with strategies focused on each digital platform, you can boost your exposure.

knowing what video SEO really means
understanding video SEO

Importance of Video SEO

  • Increase Visibility: Videos that are well-optimised for search engines are more likely to show in search results. Hence, increasing the likelihood that they will be seen by a broader audience.
  • Boost Engagement: Optimised videos captivate and retain users. So, it increases the time people watch videos, making better engagement.
  • Keep Competitive: If you have good optimisation, you will surpass your competitors. So, it will improve your competitive level.
  • Ensure Good User Experience: Good SEO means that users will view what they are looking for. Overall, improving the experience quality.

How to Optimise and Enhance Your Video SEO

Here are some techniques to improve your video SEO.

1. Keyword Research

Keywords are what will make your SEO stand. Without doing keyword research, SEO practices will not work. Finding the right keywords that relate to your business, will mean that your website will come out upper in the search results list.

doing keyword research befor implementing SEO strategy in your videos
make keyword research for SEO purposes

2. Detailed Video Description

The video description gives context to the video and provides additional information. A description will tell search engines the content of the video and show it to people looking for that. On account of that, include a brief synopsis of the information, keywords that are relevant, and connections to related matters.

3. Engaging Title

The title is the first thing that viewers will see. So, if it does not attract their attention, they will not click on it directly. Consequently, you must come up with an attention-grabbing and appealing name for your video.

4. Develop Video Information

Add relevant tags to tell what your video is about. It helps categorise the video and boost your audience. So, contemplate incorporating a transcript or captions into the video. Overall, it makes it more accessible to a wider audience, providing more information to search engines.

5. Make a High-Quality video and boost interaction

Quality is essential and investing in professionals to make your video will ensure the engagement you are looking for. High-quality videos will retain viewers and reduce bounce rate.

6. Promote your video and Monitor Performance

Organic traffic is not enough, choosing the right platforms to promote your video will make it successful. Depending on the purpose and the kind of video, it can be promoted on YouTube, a website, or any other platform.

In addition, video SEO can be tracked using analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Semrush. All in order to keep audience retention and improve click-through rate.


Video SEO is dynamic and changing, but if you are able to understand it correctly, it can boost your engagement rates. So, increasing the visibility of your video and as a result, reaching your target audience. Nevertheless, it is an ongoing process that requires time and effort. Hence, start optimising your video content now to improve your search ranking.

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