Successful Product Videos Case Study: Unleashing Viral Brilliance

Successful product videos are challenging and hard to produce, as it is necessary to understand perfectly the target audience and how to approach them. Furthermore, the way users interact with videos keeps changing as technology evolves. So, there are different types of videos according to the target that have increased their capacity to connect with consumers.

What defines some product videos is their propensity to go viral, capturing the online world and creating extraordinary levels of interaction. In this blog, we will analyse key elements of viral product videos and businesses can apply them to enhance their visibility. Thus, making a product video that impresses.

What Makes a Good Product Video Go Viral?

A viral product video combines storytelling, authenticity, and surprise. Moreover, it is critical to capture attention within seconds, as brevity ensures engagement. When used correctly, humour creates shareable content, while unexpected features and relevant narratives connect with viewers.

In addition, mobile optimisation is a must for sharing content seamlessly. Also, user-generated content and influencer partnerships include authenticity and increase the audience reach. Good call-to-action along with innovation keep the video relevant for viewers.

Hence, a good product video can go viral if the strategy behind it is well-performed and can engage with viewers.

How to Make A Successful Product Video That Goes Viral

The Power of Storytelling

A product video that contains compelling storytelling instead of just showcasing features and benefits, is what resonates emotionally with viewers. The perfect example is the Dove Campaign, Real Beauty Sketches. After doing market research, they looked at the insights of their consumers so as to reach them effectively.

After a month of the release of the video ad, it got more than 114 million views, being the most viral ad, and in 25 different languages. Hence, this showcases the importance of connecting with viewers.

Authenticity, Relatability & Short Video

Authenticity is key to producing a viral video. So, presenting it in an authentic form and relating to the audience, achieve great returns.

In this sense, Dollar Shave Club made a video that represents this way of reaching consumers effectively. In just a minute, they were able to showcase the brand’s value proposition while making a sense of connection with the audience. Besides, this also relates to bringing clarity to the message, keeping it short in over a minute. Thus, making a greater impact on viewers.

The Use of Humour

Humor has proven to be a powerful catalyst for virality. Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign became an internet sensation with its humorous and over-the-top portrayal of masculinity. Injecting humor into product videos can make them more shareable, increasing their potential reach. However, it’s crucial to strike a balance between humor and relevance to avoid diluting the marketing message.

Unveiling the Unexpected

Viral product videos often thrive on the element of surprise. Take the example of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. While not a traditional product video, it showcased the power of surprise and unpredictability. Businesses can learn from this by incorporating unexpected elements into their product videos, creating memorable moments that stick with the audience.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

Some of the most successful viral product videos involve user-generated content (UGC). GoPro, for instance, relies heavily on UGC to showcase the capabilities of its cameras. Encouraging users to share their experiences with the product not only provides authentic testimonials but also amplifies the reach of the video through social sharing. Businesses should leverage UGC to add authenticity and expand the reach of their product videos.

Mobile-Optimised Videos

Optimising product videos for mobile platforms is non-negotiable. Tasty excels in this regard with its hands-on recipe videos tailored for social media consumption. Businesses must ensure that their product videos are easily viewable and shareable on mobile devices to maximize their viral potential. Now, they also make product videos for the kitchen utilities they have made.

Leveraging Influencers and Partnerships

Collaborating with influencers or forming strategic partnerships can significantly boost the virality of product videos. Daniel Wellington, a watch brand, achieved immense success by partnering with influencers who showcased their products in lifestyle settings. Businesses should identify influencers or partners whose audience aligns with their target market to enhance the authenticity and reach of their product videos.


All in all, the success of product videos that go viral is not by chance, it is about planning, creativity, and knowing the audience. By incorporating the elements mentioned above, businesses can achieve viral content and leave an impact on their audience. Hence, creating loyal customers and producing engagement with viewers.

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