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Do you find it difficult to find the right video production company in the UK? Don’t worry, you are not the only one, as there is an excess of video production companies on the market, notably corporate video companies. But here’s the catch: how can we pick the greatest one? And how do we know which is the perfect one for our project? To provide you with this guidance, we will rely on our expertise at Impress Video. 

In the search for a corporate video production company in the UK

To begin, seek a firm that will not only implement the ideas you presented to them but will also develop them and bring new and fresh ideas to the table. Videos that impress will help your video campaign be more relevant to the message you want to convey and have a greater impact on the viewer. This is something we at Impress Video enjoy doing.

Second, we must emphasise that having a decent mobile phone is not a synonym with being able to shoot good videos and produce them. These professional videos are best left to specialists to ensure a high-quality end product.

Because it’s not as simple as recording the video and editing it; if it were, everything would be much easier. A corporate video, on the other hand, must go through more complicated steps:

  • Research about the topic
  • Writing a script
  • Creation of a storyboard or moodboard
  • Selecting a studio: where will you shoot indoors or outdoors?
  • Use of materials: how many cameras (will you make the video with cinematic or normal shots), audio equipment, lighting…
  • Editing the video

It didn’t appear that you’d require that many things, did it? You’re probably thinking right now that it’s best to leave it to the specialists, and you’re not wrong.

So, returning to the original topic:

How do we select a corporate video agency?

But it’s not only a matter of choosing; it’s also a matter of choosing a corporate video production firm. This is because they have totally distinct name variants, such as:

  • Corporate video production company or agency
  • Creative or design agency
  • Production house
  • Video studio
  • TV and video production

Although it may not be evident from the name, as in a video production agency (as we are at Impress) if we do proper research, we will learn that many organisations provide corporate video and many other less obvious services.

Many video studios mention this as one of their services, although it is not immediately clear. That is why conducting research is critical, since you can completely examine a brand’s whole variety of offerings by visiting their website.

Aspects to consider

You can check a few things to see which corporate video company is the best for you.

Their website

website of a corporate video production company

Always check out a brand’s website before choosing that you want this company to produce your video. Their website should provide valuable information about the sort of company they are and, more importantly, what you can expect to get for your money.

It is vital to see if they have a large number of videos on their website since this indicates that they are proud of the content they generate.

On Impress Video’s homepage we have a video showreel that showcases all of the services we do. Then, in each page service, we provide another independent showreel gathering together videos we’ve created for other firms. In addition, if you are interested, you can watch our video portfolio as well as video testimonials from our clients

Case studies

If you’re not convinced about a video agency, look through their case studies.

This offers you an idea of how they’ve previously worked with other clients and the kind of results they’re capable of achieving.

Furthermore, reviewing their case studies allows you to discover if they’ve previously worked in your field, which may or may not be essential to you.

case studies of video production company

Their team

When hiring a corporate video production agency, you should know who you’re dealing with. These people will be an extension of your staff members, and you are entrusting them with your time and money. As a consequence, you must be convinced that they have selected the perfect team from the beginning.

Our team at Impress Video, has over 10yrs broadcast experience in Commercials, Documentaries and Films. But we continue to produce TV Adverts, Corporate and Creative video production for brands across the UK and the globe. We are a video production company in the UK that creates, produces, directs and edits all the video content in-house. That is why you won’t have to worry about anything. 

Moreover, we pride ourselves on creating long-lasting relationships with all our clients, we make video production simple, understandable and engaging. We know the importance of deadlines and smooth-running projects and that’s why 100% of our clients come back to us.

Simply put we are a boutique agency with big agency know-how and delivery. 

So when choosing a video agency ask yourself these questions. Do they have the required skills to make your video effective? Do they realise what it will take to make this a success? If you answered yes, you now have a video agency with whom to collaborate.

Their social media

Aside from purely looking for video content, you should also pay attention to their social media as it will show their company culture. So have in mind this, it will be a plus.

With the ever-changing scope of digital marketing, our Impress team has the technical know-how on how and where to distribute your video content for the most impact. The platform and type of video will vary depending on your aims and your desires. Video is continually changing shape and length, so we are able to demonstrate a number of options on where is best to have your videos online.


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