Cinematic Interview, what is it, and how can it improve your corporate videos?

14th April 2022

Cinematic Interviews, what is it, and how can it improve your corporate video?

Normal and cinematic interviews are two very different things. On the one hand, we are all familiar with the concept of an interview. It is the recording of individuals speaking openly about an event that has occurred, and answering questions set by the interviewer.

On the other hand, cinematic interviews give the viewer a feeling of realism. Moreover, these interviews are shot according to the principles of motion picture filmmaking. This means that these corporate videos have high visual and artistic content in every shot and every question.

But why give it this artistic touch? Well, in this blog we will go into the reasons why we at Impress Video recommend this type of interview, and which are the techniques we use to produce one. 

What do we do to achieve one?

To get the most professional results, you need to work with a skilled photographer. Why? Because s/he will help to set up the light, compose the shots and determine the camera angles.

So to really understand what it is all about, we are going to show you two examples indicating the difference between a normal and a cinematic interview.

The first example is the normal interview. As we can see, the background is busy and can cause us to lose concentration.

Normal Interview example

A cinematic interview, on the other hand, employs more complicated lighting, varied lenses and different angles to isolate the interviewee from the crowd or the background.

Cinematic Interview example

Cinematic Interview example 2

We can perfectly compare the videos as they both take place in a similar environment. But thanks to the high production, the background is perceived as more reflective. So in the end we have a more artistic and confident result that brings seriousness, professionalism and added value to the final result. 

Why should you make cinematic interviews?

Doing one adds a more emotional tone to the interview and also makes it more enjoyable to watch. This is not bad, is it?

Thanks to them, apart from raising production value and making a huge difference, we can see the more human side of the companies. By achieving this, the viewers engage more deeply with the values, which creates a bond with each other.

We recommend doing this interview type for all companies, especially those in a relatively invisible industry, like technology companies. Because it is more difficult for consumers to see the step-by-step of how they create their products.

When investing in this type of video, you are indirectly telling your viewers that the video’s content has importance to you, so they will value it higher. As a result, your company will be ranked higher and will have more chances of increasing visibility.

However, as we have mentioned before you will need more lighting, having better cameras or normal cameras but more specialised crew members, better lenses, colour grading… So it will probably increase the cost of producing these videos. 


But is it worth it for you? Or is it enough for you to create normal interviews? You will need to go through all of these questions before deciding what to do.

If you finally decide to invest in a cinematic interview, we recommend managing the cost increase. So always ensure to plan everything and create a storyboard for your video. This way, you will be able to take advantage of your crew and material, as well as shoot more efficiently. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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