Corporate video production companies: what is behind?

Corporate video production companies are those who create videos for businesses. Their primary role is to produce professional videos for corporate promotions.

Corporate video productions are not only the filming part but also the preparation it takes before as well as the editing later on. Corporate videos can either be for promotion to their audience or for internal training. In any case, a strong production team is essential. Following, we will discuss what is truly involved.

The corporate production company’s role

The production company is in charge of all video production processes. The role involves coming up with creative ideas to entertain the audience, while not forgetting that is a corporate production. Furthermore, the company has to produce the content. From ensuring that everything is in place for the filming up to revising the final work and editing.

Apart from the main three things you need to include in all your corporate videos, you need to have in mind a couple more things. It may seem an easy task, but there are several external factors that can affect the effectiveness of a recording. Following, we will explain each part of the production. And if done effectively, you will be able to spend much less than expected with the video production.

what is behind a corporate video production company
Corporate video production companies’ role

What does a corporate video production company do?


The production company writes the script for the video. Corporations can either give an idea of what they want the video to be about or explain specific requirements for the content of the video.

Developing the scripting can be done by the own production company or by another company they usually hire for this. Nevertheless, the quality of the work should remain either way.

Planning, distribution and logistics

One of the most important parts of production to make a good video is planning. It is necessary to arrange schedules, choose the location with time, give everyone their parts of the video, … and even have a plan b in case there is a problem!

planning for videos
Planning video productions

Additionally, the logistics of moving the cameras, lighting, and all the setup needed for the production are key. Everything has to arrive on time and in good condition, as well as having a full-charged battery and their proper wires.

Casting option

Sometimes, if the cast is not already planned, the production company may do the casting. So, if it is the case, it saves time for the corporation. However, the cast is usually the workers of the business who appear in the corporate video.

Equipment, professional team and filming

Concerning the film content, the main function of the production company is producing the video. Including setting up all the equipment as well as having all the cameras, lighting, and necessary tools to film the video. Everything has to run smoothly on the day of the production.

Depending on the size of the company and the production, the crew can have more or fewer people involved. The most common team is the director, photography director, cameraman, and sound people to cover every part of the filming.

Equipment and filming process
Setting and equipment, filming, and production with a professional crew

Editing and post revision

Once the production is finished, it is time for editing. This is, putting the video together, adding the sound, and making sure everything is visually correct. Moreover, a behind-the-scenes video is a further addition that is usually a good indicator for viewers, since it gives them a more informal and personal feeling about the company.

Lastly, the result is reviewed and the final product is given to the corporation. In addition, a marketing campaign or an advert can be good if the corporation requires it. But this is an option depending on the target of the corporation.

Video editing and revision
Editing and revision of a video

All in all, good video production requires a quality team and choosing it is the key. Even more, it makes the video process becomes easier, and counting with professionals is the best way to make a corporate video.

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