Corporate video tips and tricks

Having a video strategy as part of your overall marketing strategy increases the engagement and shares the potential of your posts dramatically. Whether it is a promo video, an animated video or a corporate one, you’ll see that both the engagement and the return on investment obtained from a video is much higher than the one obtained from an image or text. We acknowledge that most of you do not have experience in video production. In order to facilitate things and help you feel comfortable with at least one video type, we’ve created a list of corporate video tips and tricks.

Corporate video tips and tricks

Start by defining a goal

What would you like to achieve with the video? Would you like to increase brand awareness? Increase sales? Or do you create the video for training purposes? 

Make sure you know the “why” or the reasons behind its creation before you start the video production process. You’ll find the journey simpler and more enjoyable. 

Brainstorm your ideas

Once aware of your video goal, it is time to let your imagination run free. Brainstorm your ideas. We recommend you to write all your ideas down to ensure you remember everything later on. If you get stuck, seek inspiration. Look at the video content that your competitors or other people in your market have produced recently. 

This process can be collaborative. You can ask your colleagues or team members to help you. Maybe they come up with a great idea you would never have thought of. 

Brainstorming ideas for the best Corporate Videos

Create Valuable Content

Another trick is to ensure that the video benefits the viewer in some way. This means you are willing to give something away for free that solves a problem of theirs. In return your credibility as an organisation increases, enabling you to build long-lasting relationships. 

This is much better than just giving a lot of facts, and reasons to buy your product. Providing viewers value whilst watching the video to their means, your service is also valuable.

Polish the script

Revise the script multiple times. Make sure all sections appeal to your target audience. Besides, keep it short and sweet. It can be very intriguing to add more and more content, but attention spans are very low. You won’t be able to retain your viewers’ attention unless you go straight to the point. Thus, create corporate videos that are 2-3 minutes long.

Scripting your Corporate Videos to get the right messages across

Focus on your customers’ emotional needs

The trick to creating an effective video is to create an emotional appeal. People are more likely to make decisions based on their emotions than on facts. Working at the emotional level enables you to target the right audience effectively. It works wonder!

When creating the video, avoid using jargon and analytics too. Only a small group of viewers will be able to understand the video or will be interested in it. Considering that your end result will probably be to increase the overall profits, it is better to widen your audience. 

Combine Audio and Video

Great visual storytelling comes from the combination of audio and video. So, a high-quality video will be able to integrate these two elements seamlessly. 

Having music and sounds that align with your video is important to set the tone and pace. Besides, ensure that the audio used is of high quality. Generally, people do not mind the quality of the video too much, but the audio needs to be high quality, or people will turn it off.

Distribute across the right platforms

Distribute your video across the channels used by your target audience. Instagram, for example, is used by younger audiences whereas Facebook is used by older people. 

It is important to record and edit the videos accordingly for each of the channels too. YouTube and Facebook for example accept longer videos while Instagram and TikTok prefer and benefit brands from sharing shorter ones. 

Research is key here. Make sure you remember this tip to get the best reach and engagement for your video.

Social Media Marketing for Corporate Videos

After reading this blog you may have a better understanding of the steps that you should follow to produce a corporate video. Should you have any doubt, do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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