Impactful Techniques for TV Success

When we think about TV Advert production, one thing is clear, everyone wants to create a TV advert that stands out.

However, creating a TV Advert is hard, and even more difficult to make one that impacts viewers and makes them engage. Furthermore, TV adverts efficiency is high, being one of the most powerful ways to reach your customer base and even increase it.

So, if you are thinking about making a TV commercial for your new product or service, make sure you create a TV advert that stands out. Even more, making a TV advert can make you stand out from your competitors or be on their level if they are also investing in TV advertising. While imay seem hard to produce, if you trust the project to a production company with professionals, the process will be smoother and easier.

That is why in this blog, we outline the 7 key areas to take away and create a TV Commercial that not only stands out but creates a long-lasting IMPRESSion.

How to Create a TV Advert That Stands Out

1. Don’t be a Sheep

Following others’ strategies will not make you stand out, therefore start thinking about how to make your pattern. That way you will have a brand strategy that makes customers think instantly about your business according to what you want to transmit.

People’s attention spans are constantly shrinking, but by breaking patterns, you are giving them something worth their time. However, this does not mean it’s time to make a viral cat video. Instead, drive authenticity in the creation of your adverts as people buy from people and their ‘why’, do not forget that.

The best way to do this is by showcasing what makes your company different, and the difference you bring to the world. This needs to be reflected in the video, from start to finish while showing your company culture values.

2. You Only Got 3 Seconds

The first 3 seconds of your advert are crucial, as it is when viewers decide if they are interested in the content or not. So, if you get 3 strikes within the 3 seconds you are out. 

With the constant content that is bombarded, people subconsciously know when to click off and go next.

To grab the audience’s attention, one of the best things to do is to give them something that creates an impression. Show them that you do not waste their time.

catching people’s attention in 3 seconds

3. Tell A Story Worth Listening 

When it comes to advertising the key is to persuade your target audience. Nonetheless, if they get the slightest feeling you are trying to give them a sales pitch, you will lose their attention. This is where the power of storytelling comes in as people love to hear and spread stories. As a result, telling a story that addresses the main points of your potential customers, creates relatability and trust. 

4. Include Industry Influencers 

To get people to listen, sometimes you need a voice that inspires people to take action. One way to achieve this is by including key influencers. So, if your brand is being validated by a person that people admire shows them how credible you are.

However, just seeing an influencer itself popping up in an advert will pique people’s attention. Therefore, you have to use this as an advantage to make your TV Advert different and IMPRESSive.

5. Advertise to the Right Crowd

Targeting the right audience is key as marketing to the wrong people will cause your business a waste of money and time. Consequently, you will have to research your market and its customers to find the audience that will support and encourage your products. Hence, focusing on advertising to the target audience and making a video that appears during the most effective advertising slots for those viewers. 

understanding the target audience to approach them correctly

6. Create More Brand Awareness

As part of your marketing strategy, you need to continuously focus on building brand awareness. To create effective brand awareness you need to fully understand your audience. As an example, the younger generations have grown up with games, the internet, and social media.  These experiences make it quite different to how they respond and react to their surroundings.  

So, give the audiences within your brand that excite them and encourage them to spread your services to others. 

increasing brand awareness with branding and video advertising

7. Great Voice Over

A great voice that represents your brand can not only make you stand out but drive a large number of sales. Especially when it comes to TV advertising, voice-over can either make or break an ad. Take time to think of the best voice that represents your brand, and carry your brand forward. 



Overall, in order to create a TV advert that stands out, you need to understand your audience and how to approach them. Next, is starting to work on the production, which can be improved with the help of a production company. So, start thinking about tv adverts production!

Thank you for reading,

Melvin and Sara.


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