Are you thinking of making a TV commercial for your new product/services? If so, make sure you create a TV advert that stands out. This is important, especially when your competitors are investing in TV adverts as well. It may seem hard, but that is not the case at all.

Here in this blog we outline the 7 key areas to take away and create a TV Commercial that not only stands out but creates a long-lasting impression.

7 ways to create a TV advert that stands out

1. Don’t be a Sheep

Yes, you read that right.

You do not want to follow the teachings of a sheep. It will not get you far. 

If you follow the crowd, there is no way you are going to create a TV advert that stands out. That is why you need to break the pattern. 

People’s attention spans are constantly shrinking, but by breaking patterns you are giving them something worth their time. However, this does not mean it’s time to make a viral cat video. Instead, drive authenticity in the creation of your adverts as people buy from people and their ‘why’, do not forget that.

The best way to do this is by showcasing what makes your company different, and the difference you bring to the world. This needs to be reflected on the video, from the start to finish.

2. You Only Got 3 Seconds

In the first 3 seconds of your advert, the viewers get ready to give strikes. If you get 3 strikes within the 3 seconds you are out. 

With the constant content that is bombarded, people subconsciously know when to click off, and go next.

To grab the audiences’ attention, one of the best things to do is to give them something that creates an impression. Show them that you do not waste their time.

3. Tell A Story Worth Listening 

When it comes to advertising the key is to persuade your target audience. Nonetheless, if they get the slightest feeling you are trying to give them a sales pitch, you will lose their attention. This is where the power of the story comes in. People love to hear and spread stories. As a result, telling a story that addresses the pain points of your potential customers, creates relatability and trust. 

4. Include Industry Influencers 

To get people to listen, sometimes you need that stronger voice. A voice that inspires people to take action. Consequently, it is highly valuable to include key influencers. Your brand being approved on quality by a person that people admire shows to them how credible you are.

Just seeing an influencer itself popping up in an advert will peak people’s attention. Making this a great advantage to get your TV advert to stand out. 

5. Advertise to the Right Crowd

Marketing to random people unnecessarily is a waste of money and time. You need to find a focus group that will support and encourage your products. Focus on advertising to your target audience by looking at the most effective advertisement slots that are available to you. 

6. Create More Brand Awareness

As part of your marketing strategy, you need to continuously focus on building brand awareness. To stand out as a brand you need to be original, and break the pattern as mentioned before. 

To create effective brand awareness you need to fully understand your audience. As an example, the younger generals have grown up with games, the internet, and social media.  These experiences make it quite different to how they respond and react to their surroundings.  

Give the audiences within your brand that excite them and encourage them to spread your services to others. 

7. Great Voice Over

A great voice that represents your brand can not only make you stand out but drive a large number of sales. Especially when it comes to TV advertising, voice-over can either make or break an ad. Take time to think of the best voice that represents your brand, and carry your brand forward. 

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