Creative TV Advertising Ideas

What is a TV Advert?

Here in this blog, we’ll show you some creative TV advertising ideas that you may use as inspiration. But first, what is a TV advert?

A TV advert is a powerful advertising tool used to convey messages to mass audiences. Its standard length is 30 seconds. In addition, the price of an advert varies depending on the channel and hour used to distribute the advert and the length of the advert along with the cost of producing it. 

If you are thinking about producing one to raise your company’s brand awareness, make sure it has the following traits:

  1. It is memorable. Nowadays, people see thousands of adverts per day. As a consequence, your job as an advertiser is to stand out with a message that is relevant and different. What’s more, it should represent your brand identity and voice. 
  2. It is share-worthy. That is, your ad should make people want to talk about it. This usually happens with those adverts that elicit some kind of emotional reaction (They are funny, strange, shocking…)
  3. It communicates the brand’s values. 
  4. It includes a call for action. People should know what steps you want them to take after watching the advert, whether it is to visit the website or to buy the product. 

You have to be creative so that people remember your TV advert, your brand and your product/service. However, you may be asking yourself “What approach should I use for my TV advert? How can I be creative?” 

Creative TV Advertising ideas

We have handpicked 6 adverts below that utilise various creative storytelling approaches in their TV advert production.

1. Budweiser TV advertising

In this advert, Budweiser uses a cute puppy to advertise its beer. In fact, showing cute animals is a strategy commonly used to catch people’s attention. 

2. Disney + :

Thanks to this creative advertisement, they can show all the variety of films and shows they have. For younger and older audiences, for mature and more childish content, everything you are looking for is in there. Although the narrative is simple, the audience can perfectly understand which shows they have due to smooth transitions and the execution of the video.

3. Extra: origami

Extra, released an emotionally driven commercial in 2013 to advertise its chewing gum. This is an approach used by many companies as it is proven to work well, especially when making it relatable to everyday life and relationships.

4. Old Spice: “The Men Your Man Could Smell Like”

You can also decide to produce a funny commercial. However, not everybody likes the same things so to avoid negative reactions try to find the right balance between being funny, relevant and informative. 

5. E-trade: Monkey

There are adverts that make you laugh. Others make you cry and then there are adverts that just make you say: “Wait, what?”. These are strange commercials, and although questionable they can have a huge impact.

6. Metro Train: “Dumb Ways to Die”

Animated commercials are also used for advertisement campaigns. They can use cute characters, appealing to people of all ages, which can deliver really useful simple and direct messages. For example, Metro train did this successful video aiming to improve safety around trains.

7. Apple Music- Drake vs Bench Press

If you have enough resources and a big budget, you can always use a famous celebrity to advertise your products or your services. The person chosen may vary depending on your audience. Big companies such as Apple, Nike, and Adidas usually make use of these kinds of adverts. 



We hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

Maria and Marta.


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This blog was published on 15 September 2020, but for understandability and update purposes, this was updated on 17 May 2022.