Over the last few years, adverts have been getting a bad reputation for being annoying and attention-seeking. If there’s one thing worse than this it’s when ads get in the way of our favourite TV shows, videos or even games.

But, despite all the negativity around advertising these days, some brands are still managing to make a seriously good impression through their latest adverts.

What creates the best impressions?

According to top marketing experts, current UK TV adverts that create great impressions will:

1) Surprise you  (for better or worse)

2) Be relevant to you  and your life 

3) Be engaging – with quality that matches up to expectations set by previous ads (if applicable).

There are lots of brands that are hitting the mark with their adverts at the moment. These ads cleverly feature well-known celebrities or characters to reveal something surprising about them.

Current Engaging UK TV advets

Current UK TV Adverts that create the best impressions

The ads are all shown on major UK TV channels and they break the mould of traditional ads. Brands often use celebrities to promote their products, but these adverts take that idea one step further, becoming entertaining clips in their own right.

Not only do these adverts grab your attention but they’re also relevant to you because the characters are well-known for different reasons. Therefore, they’re bound to strike a chord with you or your family members/friends.

In doing so they not only surprise us and get our attention but also allow us to see a side of these celebrities that we may not have been aware of before. In addition, they tap into our emotions somehow – making us feel happy, sad or develop some other kind of connection with them. 

There are a number of TV adverts that create the best impressions in the UK. Here are a couple of examples:

1. Visqueen’s “The Ultimate Gardner”

This is our own impactful current UK TV advert that targets young working women into Visqueen’s new binliner collection. The music and visuals are both very striking, and they help to create a sense of excitement and purpose.

2. Boss’s “Like A BOSS”

This is a very inspiring advert, which encourages people to be their own boss. The music is uplifting, and the visuals are both emotive and aspirational. This advert is sure to make people feel hopeful about their own futures.

The advert included many celebrities including British boxer Anthony Joshua, Italian tennis player Matteo Berrettini, etc.

3. Walkers “Love Crisps”

This is a very quirky advert, that brings laughter and joy to the people watching. Most of all it creates a relatable experience of what it is like to eat crisps.

The visuals are eye-catching and exciting, and they help to create a sense of happiness in the moments you have while eating crisps.


4. Pandora’s “ Unlock Your Love”

This advert is very heartwarming, and it managed to make a lot of people cry when it was first released. The music and visuals are both very beautiful, and they help to convey the emotional message of the story.


5. Apple’s “Run Baby Run”

This is a very simple but effective advert, which shows a child playing around with an iPhone 13. The music is fast-paced and obtrusive, and the visuals are understated but still attractive. This advert showcases how Apple has overcome its shortcomings of products breaking easily.



This sums up the top 5 current UK TV adverts that stand out to create engagement. Hopefully, these TV adverts have given you some ideas on what is currently trending and can take away for your own TV advert production.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us, here we enjoy talking about video and helping others tell their story.

Thanks for reading,

Melvin Joy