Difference between corporate and promotional videos

24th February 2022

Difference between corporate and promotional videos

Companies can employ both corporate and promotional videos for commercial purposes.

However, as there are many different types of situations in which companies can use them, we have prepared this blog in which we will explain the differences between corporate and promotional videos, so you will know which type to employ in future projects.

Using both concurrently and respecting their use for the appropriate issues may provide the organisation with several benefits and enhance its consumer base. 

This is because the message provided will have been delivered to your target audience in the most effective manner.

But what is the difference between these two types of videos, and which should I employ for my next project?

What exactly is a corporate video?


Companies use corporate videos to boost a company’s corporate image. As a result, they demonstrate their vision, mission, and fundamental values, which they adhere to in order to manage the firm.

Who is it for?

Mainly for shareholders, workers, business partners, consumers, investors, bankers, or even governments.

Clients may use it to see what the firm truly does and what they care about, allowing them to form great relationships with the company.

How can it be done?

It can be done in a variety of methods, such as by gathering client testimonials to demonstrate how things truly are. These customers can offer feedback on the company’s product or service.

However, there is another purpose for which businesses may employ corporate video in. And that is training videos. They can instruct a large number of newly hired workers using a pre-recorded video. Thus, there’s no need to explain everything repeatedly each time there is a labour inflow in the company.

As a result, we may conclude that it is not about selling but about projecting a positive image of a product or the entire firm.

Which are the benefits of corporate videos?

They are more interesting than text, for example, since they are easier to comprehend, and they help to humanise the organisation and make it more approachable.

The training corporate videos assist the firm to save a lot of money since training expenses decrease as the company needs fewer individuals to teach new employees.

What is a promotional video?

shooting marketing video

The difference between corporate videos and promotional videos is that the latter is more focused on the company’s products and services rather than the corporate image.

They have advertising objectives such as persuading potential consumers to purchase their products or services.

Who is it for?

Mainly for potential clients, both online and offline, as well as for sales personnel.

How can we do it?

One of the most distinguishing features of promotional videos is their length: brief but efficient. 

They engage the audience by presenting memorable messages about new services or goods in this manner.

Which are the benefits of promotional videos?

One of the most significant advantages is the enormous amount of potential sales and brand exposure. You can accomplish it by marketing your videos on social media and gaining trust in the process. Just have in mind that sixty-four per cent of people buy something after seeing a video about it.

They can enhance your website traffic and engagement while also lowering your unsubscribe rate when incorporated into emails to subscribers.


We wish this blog has given you some valuable insights and taught you how to differentiate between the two terms. Our company,  Impress Video, creates high-quality and powerful videos for our clients based on their requirements. Would you want to know if we can meet the needs of your company’s videos? Do not hesitate to contact our professionals. We will be delighted to speak with you.


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