Marketing has evolved and new methods to reach a target audience have appeared. One of the new promotional tools currently being used by many businesses are ‘brand ambassadors’

Here in this blog, we will explain what a brand ambassador is and what he/she does. In addition, we will discuss why they are so important for a brand. 

What is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is someone who represents your company. He/she basically talks positively about your brand and shows people what your products and or services are. 

There are two types of brand ambassadors:

  • Famous and recognisable people. Here we also include bloggers and influential people on social media, who are currently achieving the same or even better campaign results than celebrities. These people either get paid or have benefits such as fixed discounts on purchases or regular gifts. 
  • People that recommend your brand for free. These people are loyal customers or people that just like your values and what you do for the community. They tend to get satisfaction from being engaged with your brand, but if their recommendations have a huge impact on your business, it may be also interesting to reward them with some discounts or gifts. 

Both groups help you get more visibility. This visibility may turn into sales, subscriptions or financial contributions (If you are a non-profit organisation). 

Brand Ambassadors

Why are Brand Ambassadors so important?

  1. BRAND AMBASSADORS HELP YOU INCREASE YOUR MARKET REACH. Brand ambassadors usually are very influential people. They have a lot of followers who pay attention to their words and actions. For instance, just a few positive words about your brand may help you reach new audiences. 
  2. WORD OF MOUTH IS THE BEST TYPE OF ADVERTISING. According to Nielsen, 2 out of 3 people do not trust paid adverts. On the other hand, 9/10 say that a recommendation is the leading influence on their purchase behaviour. People no longer trust paid ads but recommendations. 
  3. COST-EFFECTIVE MARKETING. Brand ambassadors aren’t the cheapest marketing tool. However, if you know who your target audience is, it is worth investing in them. Their influence will guarantee an increase in your revenues. 
  4. GET DIRECT FEEDBACK FROM YOUR CUSTOMERS. Your brand ambassador can help you know what people like and don’t like about your brand. Consequently, you may be able to improve your product and or service to match consumers’ expectations. Brand Ambassadors
  5. BRAND AMBASSADORS CREATE CONTENT. Creating content is great to drive traffic to your website. However, creating weekly content for your web, newsletters and social media can be time-consuming. Using your brand ambassador’s content in your business profile or on the website could save you time and money.
  6. THEY CREATE MORE AMBASSADORS. People follow celebrities. If they recommend a product/service chances are that people will buy or share the product.

Using Employees as Brand Ambassadors

It is important (more than ever) to start using your employees as brand ambassadors. Happy employees will tell others how great the workplace is. By seeing the passion and loyalty others are compelled to know more. 

A natural brand ambassador of a company is usually the receptionist. An impression created by the receptionist is a long-lasting impression for the visitors. As a result, consider making your receptionists candidates to represent your company. 

People have become tired of fake advertising. People now are looking more into authenticity, and relatability.  Therefore the people that work for the company can spread the word more effectively than flashy adverts. 

Also, having employees as brand ambassadors attract more high calibre candidates into the company. Candidates are taking more time to look into the culture of your company. Consequently, if a brand ambassador employee is speaking positively, it will attract like minds.  

Brand Ambassadors

To sum up, brand ambassadors are not necessary, but having them may have a positive impact on your brand. You could reach larger audiences, boost sales and increase revenues.

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