East Midlands corporate video production agency of 2022

We won the East Midlands No. 1 Video Production Agency of the Year award for the second year in a row. Thanks to and recognised by Prestige awards.

The award criteria were essential touch points regarding our company, our ethos, client feedback, and the work we performed this last year.

Now I, Gurmit (Creative Director at Impress), always get to pose with the Midlands Video Production Agency trophy, but this is only possible because I work with an amazing team of people. We are constantly learning new ways to attract more businesses, serve our existing customers, and stay ahead of the curve with new technologies.


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Although we’re a small agency, we are agile, adaptable, and always deliver our work when required. What’s more, we always believe that we are only as good as our last assignment. And thankfully, we are in an excellent position to select work that is consistent with our ethos and corporate values.

We operate in a diversified ecosystem of video marketing and brand content development. This is why company values are becoming more crucial than ever.

Moreover, we pride ourselves on having universities wanting to hear from our team. What we do with universities is talk about what it’s like to run a business in such a competitive environment, that way, everyone can learn from our experience.

But it is not just universities that want to learn from us, but also interns who want to get experience. We support the next generation of content producers by sharing what we learn every day. They will learn how to strategise as well as how to grow their enterprises. This is what we live for!

Our values

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of our beliefs and ethos in winning this award. But which ones are they?

  • We are driven by what we do: We believe in what we do, and our dedicated team is committed to doing it well, always raising the standard by making new projects better and better.
  • We are creative: Being creative and wanting to actually learn new things provide us with the opportunity to master new abilities and improve our performance.
  • Impress cares about our people: We strive for the best for our customers, coworkers, and the community as a whole. As a result, we constantly aim to support, respect and encourage those around us.
  • And we Impress: We enjoy daring and original concepts that impress our clients and their viewers, this is why our company has this name.

More about Impress

Impress Video is a video production company providing corporate and creative video production to brands across the UK. The Impress team have over 10yrs broadcast experience in Commercials, Amazon Prime Documentaries and Films, and will help you to create amazing video marketing campaigns with impact. are a small agency with big agency know-how and delivery.

  • Our work: Our team have produced videos from start-ups, and established brands, to companies with a £100m turnover. We Create, Produce, Direct and Edit all our video content in-house.
  • Relationships: We pride ourselves on creating long-lasting relationships with all our clients. We know the importance of deadlines and smooth-running projects and that’s why 100% of our clients come back to us.
  • ROI: Every video is made for a purpose, our team will identify the key objectives of your video offering and will work around the clock to ensure we meet those deliverables. We will then assist in the distribution of the video for you to monitor its effectiveness.
  • Collaboration: Sometimes we are given a brief from initial inception and at times an idea that has already gained some traction. No matter what stage your video marketing idea is at, we always welcome a collaborative approach.

If after reading this blog you would like to arrange a meeting, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can show how we work as well as some of our previous projects.