Attendee Spotlight: Crafting Dynamic Event Videos with User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a new concept that is becoming more interesting and is forecasted to keep growing. Furthermore, some businesses are currently incorporating UGC to enhance event experience as it has a lot to offer.

Content marketing is reshaping constantly according to new trends, and the newest one is user-generated material. It may seem uncertain at first, but the power customers’ content can give is great, and also it will improve your relationship with consumers. Therefore, it will increase your brand visibility while creating loyal customers that feel the brand is actually hearing them. So, let’s dive into what exactly UGC is and how it can be used to strengthen your business positioning

What is User-Generated Content (UGC) and Why Embrace It

UGC is any kind of content that attendees or customers make about events, products or any other kind of visual material. Users produce the content through photos, videos, reviews, social media posts or sometimes comments on different platforms. By being a genuine review, viewers are more likely to engage and trust this content, as they feel as if a friend was telling them a product they like. 

Consequently, for businesses, it is becoming increasingly important that users provide positive material online. Furthermore, events can be enhanced with this new marketing form. As all participants carry on their smartphones and most of the time they make videos or photos. So, crafting a video from UGC at the end can show an “inside look” into the event.

Why new ways of marketing content can be key for businesses

How to Boost Event Experience and Videography with User-Generated Content

1. Building Community Connectivity

Events are usually videographed by professionals, however, the mix of it along with the attendees can enhance the video. Moreover, organic moments captured by participants of events can give other fresh perspectives of the event. It can capture genuine emotions, creating a powerful narrative that can resonate with viewers and increase the connection.

Professional shooting is great, but sometimes capturing the essence of the event experience can be hard. So, if attendees produce content, video professionals will be able to make an outstanding video integrating moments where the audience feel a sense of community.

Creating a sense of community

2. Authenticity enhanced and engagement boost

Nowadays, most of the content seems unreal, so when the content is authentic, it yields great engagement. UGC is genuine material for event videography, where attendees’ emotions are shown as they are. The reactions produce authenticity, which makes the viewer feel as one participant rather than an external viewer.

As a video production company, we know authentic content is key and it increases engagement. So, with participant’s content, the reality of the event will make the audience resonate and engage with the video. Hence, building trust and creating a strong connection of viewers with your business.

3. Expanding Impact with Attendee Participation

Not only UGC helps with viewers, but also for making attendees the stars of the event. Their contributions will be valuable and they will be more enthusiastic when it comes to producing content. Also, if the business shares content with pieces they made, they will be more likely to share it, tag it, comment and increase the reach of the organic video. 

Also, as participants are always with the phone on their hands, they will be more natural. So, attendees will be brand ambassadors sharing their honest opinions and encouraging the brand. Thus, increasing the company visibility and giving credit to the event videos.

Increasing the potential of event videos with user participation

4. Maximising Production Value

UGC will give a real view, but the quality will not have to be necessarily sacrificed. Therefore, the professional footage can be complemented with the content of attendees to give different moments and perspectives. With a good video production company, the content can be shaped to make a powerful storytelling experience. With unique professional shots and simple content, giving a visual diversity that will improve the production value of the event videography. 


To sum up, embracing content from attendees can give a different approach and capture other moments. So, integrating UGC into event videography will be a good strategic marketing option, fostering community and authenticity. Also, attendees are the star of the event video and their stories can improve engagement while promote your business. 


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