Do you have a big event coming up for your company? Having doubts about the usefulness of event videos? Here in this blog we will show you the benefits of producing an event video as well as some event video production ideas you can use. 

Main benefits of filming an Event Video

Organising an event requires time, resources and budget. Filming an event video will help you maximise on your investment. Apart from being a great promotional tool for future events, you can also reach those unable to attend the event.

In addition, videos can be shared and seen on multiple devices which is key to reaching larger audiences. Finally, event videos can be used to position your company in the market. Many people may not be aware of the products or services you offer or of your brand values. An event video can be a great way to share these key messages.  The same goes for a conference, a meeting or a launch party, an event video will always be beneficial for your company. 

Event Video production ideas

Now that you already know the benefits of having an event video, let’s highlight some event video production ideas. 

  • PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS. Promotional videos are used to “sell the event”. The company shows its target audience how they could benefit from the event, encouraging them to attend it. To do so, many companies include some shots of their previous events. Although its production requires some investment, it pays off as thanks to the promotion, there will be more attendees.
  • EVENT REMINDER FAQ. When you organise an event, you usually have a list of the most frequently asked questions. Having a video to show the answers is far more engaging than text embedded on your company’s website.
  • LIVE STREAMING. Many people may not be able to attend the event. Broadcasting your event live is the best way to reach them. In addition, its production requires a low investment as it doesn’t involve any editing. For instance, you can broadcast your event live in social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or YouTube for free. 
  • Q&A OR INTERVIEWS. Another type of video you can use to promote your brand or future events are testimonial videos. Thus, if you organise an event, make sure you interview some of the attendees. Ask them why they came, what they have liked or what they have learnt from the event. There is nothing more convincing than a satisfied customer.
  • HIGHLIGHT REELS. A highlight reels shows the most important and exciting parts of the events. You can use them as a summary of the event or for future promotional videos. Just remember to keep them short and optimise them for social media like Instagram or Facebook. Now, you can even film and edit reels on Instagram. Thus, your budget should no longer be an excuse.

After reading this blog you may have a better understanding of the usefulness of event videos as well as of the different types of event videos you can use.

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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