Our experience producing two videos for Zeynep Kartal

We, as a video production company, had the pleasure of producing two fashion video projects for the well-known clothing brand Zeynep Kartal. We did two Impress Video x Zeynep Kartal video projects for their collection. In this blog post, we will be sharing some insights into two of those projects that we are particularly proud of.

Zeynep Kartal, a renowned fashion designer, has been making waves in the industry for over a decade. Based in the UK, her elegant and sophisticated designs have attracted a lot of attention. Her clothing line features a fusion of traditional and contemporary styles and high-quality materials with a focus on attention to detail. Zeynep has showcased her collections at various fashion events, including London Fashion Week, and has won multiple awards for her work. She inspires her unique and timeless aesthetic from her Turkish heritage, but always with a modern twist. Partnering with her to create these stunning fashion video projects was nothing but a pleasure.

Project 1: the London Fashion Week video

The first project was a collaboration with Zeynep Kartal for London Fashion Week, where we filmed her 2017 Spring collection.

This time, we were on the catwalk, capturing the essence of preparation for the unseen team. It was hectic and busy backstage, with models and Zeynep’s latest clothing range everywhere. We had to be quick with our shots, but we managed to capture the beauty of the preparation process.

On the catwalk, we took our position next to a dozen or so photographers. With my camera focus ring being subjected to a thousand or so turns, the catwalk was over in a flash. We managed to capture everything we needed for the draft edit, which was prepped on our return journey back to the Midlands. Zeynep reviewed the promo the very next day and was happy with the result.

We then cut a final version of the web video, graded, scored, and titled fit for YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Her following, suppliers, models, and LDN press shared the video, and it even got featured in the Manchester Gazette. It was a massive success and gave us a first-hand insight into the world of a fashion runway.

Project 2: The Beatles meets Zeynep Kartal

“The Beatles meets Zeynep Kartal project” was the second project we worked on. It took place on Abbey Road in London in February 2016.

The famous zebra crossing was the location for this shoot, and we captured the essence of Zeynep Kartal’s clothing line through video content for her YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

We knew that this would be a challenging project. Mainly because  it was a busy location with a lot of tourists and traffic passing through.  The 2nd unmarked police car with uniformed officers makes its way from the trailer having requested to see the genuine, official, authorised, ‘we have permission to film here’ permit. However, we were able to obtain the necessary permits and assemble a great production team to help us tackle the challenges.

The shoot itself was a hectic experience, but we were able to capture some amazing footage of the models showcasing Zeynep’s clothing range on the famous zebra crossing. Despite the obstacles, we were able to create video content. And it was nothing but a huge success for Zeynep Kartal’s social media channels and website. It was especially satisfying to hear Zeynep’s positive feedback on the final outcome.

The result

With two and a half hours of work, three outfit changes, and hundreds of snapshots, we managed to capture everything we needed to create a stunning video.

The response from the video was fantastic. We saw an increase in traffic directed to Zeynep Kartal’s social media channels and website. One week later, we received a call from Zeynep Kartal herself, thanking us for the work we did. She said that:

You captured something that the still camera could not

The video showcased the attention to detail and preparation that went into showcasing the autumn range. This led her to put her followers at the heart of the fashion shoot in real-time.


Doing the fashion video projects for Zeynep Kartal was an incredible experience for us, and we’re looking forward to the future projects that we will have with her. She always has something exciting up her sleeve, and we’re excited to be a part of it. Stay tuned for more exciting projects coming soon!


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