Film crew jobs part 4: jobs in a movie set for the pre-production stage

If you want to know which filmmaking production jobs are in a movie set, this is your blog.

Overall, making a film is a complex and collaborative process that requires the skills and expertise of many different people working together towards a common goal. Behind every film you watch, there is a lot of hard work and devotion. There are also many people giving their time and expertise to the project to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

So, in this series of blog posts, we will be describing the majority of the roles inside a film crew. As well as which stage of the film production these people belong to. We have already described which are the jobs for the development, pre-production and production stage of a movie, as well as for the.

Now the film has finished its production stage, which means that most people have finished working for this production. However, new people responsible for edition of the film come in.

Roles in the post-production stage


the role of san editor in a movie post-production stage
filmmaking post-production jobs – editor

The editor is responsible for cutting and organizing the raw footage into a cohesive final product, working closely with the director to achieve the desired pacing and storytelling. The specific tasks that an editor performs will depend on the needs of the production, but they may include:

  • Assembling the raw footage into a rough cut of the film or television show
  • Trimming and rearranging the footage to create the desired structure and pacing
  • Adding transitions and special effects to link the different shots together
  • Working with the sound editor to sync the audio and visual
  • Fine-tuning the final cut of the production to ensure that it meets the director’s vision and the technical and creative standards of the productioN

Special Effects Supervisor

The special effects supervisor may be involved in a wide range of tasks, including designing and building physical effects, coordinating the use of special effects equipment, and supervising the special effects crew. They may also be responsible for working with the visual effects supervisor to ensure that the special effects are seamlessly integrated with any computer-generated effects.


filmmaking post-production jobs - animator
being an animator in a movie

They are present when the film has animation involved. An animator is responsible for creating the movement and action in animated films and television shows. They use a variety of techniques and software programs to create characters and objects that move and behave in realistic or stylized ways. Animators may work on a wide range of projects, including traditional 2D hand-drawn animation, 3D computer animation, and stop-motion animation.

They may also work on special effects or visual effects for live-action productions. The specific tasks that an animator performs will depend on the type of animation they are working on and the tools they are using. In general, animators are responsible for creating keyframes, which are the starting and ending points of an animation sequence.

In order to create the animation, they will use a software to create the in-between frames that fill out the sequence and make the movement look smooth and natural. What is more, they can be  designing and creating character models and environments, as well as for adding lighting, shading, and other visual effects to the animation.

Sound Editor

filmmaking post-production jobs - sound editor
the role of a sound editor in a movie

A sound editor is responsible for creating and manipulating the audio elements of a film or television production. They work closely with the sound designer and other members of the audio team to develop the overall sound design of the production. Their tasks can be things like: 

  • Editing and organizing the raw audio recordings from the production
  • Adding sound effects to the audio track, including creating and recording foley effects
  • Mixing the audio elements to create a cohesive and balanced sound mix
  • Cleaning up and repairing audio tracks to remove noise, clicks, and other distractions
  • Syncing the audio with the visuals during post-production
  • Working with the sound designer to implement the overall sound design of the production

Music Composer

A music composer is a professional who creates original music for films, television shows, and other media. Creating original music that fits the mood and style of the film or television show. Working with the sound editor to ensure that the music is properly synced with the visuals in the film or television show.


Role of a video production company in a movie set

Video production companies like us, Impress, are a business specialised in creating video content for a variety of clients. On the one hand, clients can be small businesses requiring small clips for their social media advert. On the other hand, clients can also be massive and complex films.

As a production company, we may have a variety of roles in a movie set. But depending on the production’s specific needs, these services can be things like:

  1. Equipment rental: hired to provide equipment such as cameras, lighting, and sound recording gear for a film shoot.
  2. Crew hire: hired to provide crew members with expertise in specific areas, such as camera operation, lighting, or sound recording.
  3. Production support: in case the production team needs additional support. For example in tasks like scouting locations, securing permits, and handling logistical tasks.
  4. Production services: the last reason why films can hire video production companies can be to assist in production services. This includes everything from script development and casting to post-production and distribution.


So now that you know the filmmaking post-production jobs, you can continue learning about all the positions by reading our next blogs. In these blogs, we explain what filmmaking production and post-production jobs are. We hope you have found this blog interesting, and thank you for taking the time to read it,



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