B2B Video Ads Under the Microscope: 6 Critical Issues for Marketers

B2B Video Ad can seem easy when you are a viewer, however, marketers have to critically think about a wide range of topics. Furthermore, with the increase in technology and social media, B2B videos can either mean success or complete failure of a marketing strategy.

In addition, B2B video advertising has evolved as a powerful tool for engaging audiences and driving corporate success in the rapidly changing landscape of digital marketing. Moreover, these videos offer great potential if you understand them correctly. Nevertheless, opportunities come with challenges that can make it difficult to reach the right audience.

In this blog, we will focus on the 6 most common mistakes and that must be avoided at all costs. From content development obstacles to distribution roadblocks, we’ll look at the barriers that can stop your video marketing success.

What is a B2B Video Ad?

B2B video marketing is an important component of your overall digital strategy. More specifically, it involves the creation and distribution of video content ranging from Connected Television (CTV) advertising to product spotlights and industry thought leadership.

Video is still a popular approach among B2B marketers and advertising. Based on the B2B Marketing Benchmark report, 59% of respondents aim to employ video in their marketing strategies.

understanding what a b2b ad really is
what exactly is a b2b advert

6 things to take into account in order to avoid B2B Video Ads Failure

Video is one of the best ways to get to know your business and even more so with B2B video ads. However, it is important to comprehend how to target effectively the audience. That is why we think it is necessary to highlight the six main mistakes to take into account. So, let’s roll the cameras and begin our exploration into B2B video commercial troubleshooting.

1. How much money you’ve set out for paid media

First and most important, is that companies do not seem to budget enough on media and expect great returns from it. But it is essential to invest to see an increase in the attention your company will get as a result. So, the good mix would be 80-90% on producing own media, and then 20-10% on paid media.

To be honest, with B2B videos, people are not always looking for your video. It is not realistic to think that people will come across your video by chance. Hence, you will need to invest in order to see a return and see good results from a B2B marketing strategy.

2. The duration of the video advertisement usually goes too long

Currently, the ads have to take a short, not a long period of time. Since if not, the retention rate will be very low. Nowadays, people do not willingly watch advertisements, they go on when they are listening to other things. As a consequence, a B2B video commercial has to be concise and be able to grab people’s attention in no more than 2 minutes. If it overcomes this, people will simply not care and skip it.

3. It is all about what consumers think of your video

In order for feedback to be realistic and accurate, it must come from customers. Accuracy and key information must come from outsiders of the company and workers’ close circle. A good example of how to do this would be running tests on your platforms. With it, it is possible to see how an advertisement is working in terms of views and engagement. So, testing your ad will provide you with helpful insights into buyer patterns and their behaviour.

importance of understanding what your customers think
what your customers think really matters

4. Deepen your knowledge of millennials purchasing patterns as they will be your main buyers

Millennials are becoming (or have already become) your B2B buyers. So, keep up with their purchasing patterns as they differ from other generations.

Even though it is key to know your actual customers’ patterns, it is also important to know what future generations want. In the case of millennials, they want to get the most out of a conversation with another person.

5. Take it easy, it is hard to see benefits from advertisements

Bear in mind that results are not immediate, and you have to consider how long is going to take to see the advertisement results. Ads don’t get you high returns over a night, and it is something to be patient about. Therefore, budgeting and media investments must be considered this fact to make an effective and well-thought-out investment.

6. After the video, what’s next?

The video is not all, there are several things to consider after having it recorded and edited. So, how will you advertise it? What strategy will you carry out, so people watch it and find it easily? Therefore, the strategy is to attract people’s attention and make sure they click on the ad. Also, make sure your website is working correctly and that everything is clear, and how to improve viewers’ experience.

after your video here is what comes next
working more after the video – strategy, website, experience


To sum up, businesses can use B2B video advertising to engage with their target audience and drive success. By proactively addressing these concerns, you can change B2B video advertising from a source of irritation to a strong instrument for growth and engagement. All in all, powering your company into a brighter future.

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