Funny tv adverts: UK vs the USA

Doing funny TV adverts and including some comedy is a great way to get the viewers to pay more attention to what you’re trying to say. It is not only about getting attention but also about keeping it.

However, most of the time they do so by introducing sweet and genuine feelings. This way, it is easier for them as it avoids the difficulties that funny commercials have, such as the chance of offending someone.

funny tv adverts in USA vs UK

Funny Advertisements

But, if you think about it, the Tv ads you’ve discussed with your friends may have a humorous element to them, right? Who can forget the John West Salmon “bear” from 2000, or the Budweiser “Wassup?” from 1999? They were huge successes.

And, if we think about it, using humour in TV commercials is nothing new; in 1984, Wendy’s aired one of the most famous funny TV commercials of all time, “Where’s the Beef?”

What these three advertising have in common is their simplicity, such as only stating a few words throughout the commercial. And even none at all, like in the case of the John West advertisement. Another major similarity is that they all have extremely strong screenplays and actors that aren’t trying too hard to be humorous.

They are just focusing on something special to the brand, a fact, a concept, or an impression that has enough emotional force to become remembered.

UK vs USA TV Adverts

Although the cultures of the United Kingdom and the United States appear to be similar, they aren’t really. This difference in culture makes people behave differently in comparable situations. 

For example, now that we’re discussing the creation of generating funny adverts, the way British and American corporations sell their products differs and therefore do not employ the same methods.

British funny TV Adverts

In general, UK advertisers use softer forms of marketing, which allows for more application of comedy.

Executives are less scared of hurting people’s feelings when it comes to using comedy to gain attention and credibility.

In terms of the style of humour used by UK advertising, we’ve noticed a trend toward a sarcastic comedy, followed by some form of criticism. It simply means employing fictitious characters to portray actual people and highlighting society’s weaknesses.

USA funny TV Commercials

On the other side, US advertising firms tend to be more evidence-based and hard sell. This causes them to use less humour in their commercials, since they have observed that the US audience is more easily offended. That is why it makes it more difficult to carry out a commercial that incorporates comedy in the USA than in the UK.

This is not to say they don’t employ humour. In fact, the United States takes the top spot of countries that use ludicrous comedy. This form of comedy is about doing absurd things, not the same as ridiculous things, but dumb enough to produce laughter.


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