Why you should have Amazon Product Videos

Having product videos on your Amazon listing is one of the best ways to optimise that listing. Amazon Product Video is an opportunity to build relationships with potential customers. The high-quality video highlights the product’s functions and demonstrates its advantages (what the product can do or how it works). The comparison video shows the features of the product compared to the competition. It allows potential customers to obtain a lot of information by teaching them how to use the product. People need this exact information to be more likely to stay on your listing.

Creating Product Videos

First matters first, you’ll need to ensure you’ve got an excellent know-how of Amazon’s Video Content Policy and Creative Acceptance Policies. They’ve mentioned guidelines about eligibility, in addition to what your videos can and cannot include.

Here are some notes from Amazon’s coverage to bear in mind:

  • Videos don’t have to include opinions or fees of any sort
  • Videos need to now no longer include “stars”
  • No distracting or speedy-paced imagery
  • No letterboxing – the whole thing needs to be a complete frame

Tips to create Product Videos for Amazon

Tip 1:  Use quality pictures. If you want to showcase your product in the best possible way, use high-quality images in your videos. The ideal resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Tip 2: Showcase your product’s benefits. Most Amazon users want to buy a product when they visit the website. Your job is then to convince them that you are the best seller. Therefore, focus on the factors that make you stand out from the crowd. What are the unique features of the product? What are the benefits of using it? etc.

Tip 3: Customise videos. Although your product should be the focus of the video, you can use brand colours, fonts that match your brand style and include a logo to customize your product according to your brand.

Tip 4: Keep it short. Amazon recommends videos to be no longer than 30 seconds. In fact, 15 to 30 seconds is the best.

Tip 5: Show the product on sale at the beginning of the video. People usually think that they need to put a logo in the first seconds or use voiceover to explain the product’s features, but the most effective videos are those that display the product right after the start. If you delay displaying products, potential customers may lose interest or become a thing of the past.

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