How can Animation Videos help your business?

29th July 2021

A business needs effective marketing to succeed. Just having a good product on its own won’t get business owners so far. Marketing essentially boosts the perceived value of a business, but to achieve this it needs to catch people’s attention and increase engagement. This is where a good animation video comes in. In addition, one of the best things about animation videos is that they can effectively simplify a business offering. Keep reading this blog to learn “how animation videos can help your business” in detail.

Stand Out With Animation

As competition in the digital marketing area is fierce, your organisation needs to stand out. Having animated video as part of your digital marketing strategy puts your business forward as a futuristic, innovative, and creative company.

Did you know animation videos help you stand out in Google’s search engine too? Google algorithm promotes content that keeps people on the page and engage them.

Reduce Time and Costs

The time and money that goes into hiring live human actors can be saved by using animation. Also, animations do not age as quickly as live videos. Live videos are limited by people’s fashion and worldly changes. Especially now when we are having fast changes due to the innovation of technology, it is quite difficult for live videos to stay fresh for long. Besides, unlike live videos where you might have to re-do certain shoots, businesses can make alterations and corrections to an animation video if needed. 

Increase Your Value

Animation videos, with their ability to get audiences excited, help spread the word about your business. Taking advantage of this and telling a story of the impact of your business on people’s lives increases your brand’s value within the public eyes. 

Your company growth and evolution can also be showcased with animation. A company that has been recently acquired by a bigger corporation, for example, may see in animation a good opportunity to explain how its value has increased throughout the acquisition process. Besides, animation videos give you the ability to dynamically bring in your new logo, colour schemes and brand image. 

Lasting and Memorable Impressions

Animations help you add more creative flexibility to your adverts. This can be beneficial for your brand as it creates a long-lasting memorable impression. Joining storytelling and animation is powerful as the final result grabs people’s attention, keeps them engaged until the end and helps them remember the message conveyed afterwards. 

Enhanced Email Marketing

Email marketing, if used correctly, can help you increase the number of people coming into your site massively. More specifically, emails with an embedded animated video can boost your website traffic by an extra 50%. In addition, just having the word “video” in your email subject boosts the click-through rate by 65%. 

Animated Characters Strengthen Communication

Animation video production brings together characters to create stories and ideas. Using character animation is an effective way to communicate the experiences and emotions of the characters involved. The use of characters helps people empathise, connect and create awareness about the message you’re trying to convey. 

Top Notch Training

A professional animation video company can help you turn complex training materials within your organisation into simple concepts. Using animation videos for training can simplify the training process and help attendees retain information more easily. Overall, we can say that animation training videos are more effective than traditional methods lacking interactive elements.

After reading this blog, you may have a better understanding of how animated videos can help your business grow. If you have any doubt or you are looking for an animated video production company, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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