Without doubts, the quality of a product is one of the main factors determining the success of a company. But equally important is an effective marketing campaign. Marketing can boost the perceived value of a business. Nonetheless, to achieve this, the marketing campaigns should be engaging and catch people’s attention. This is where a good animation video comes in. Keep reading this blog to learn “how animation videos can help your business” in detail.

Benefits of investing in an animated video

 – Stand out from the competition

Competition in the digital marketing area is fierce. Having animated videos as part of your marketing campaigns will position your brand as creative, innovative and futuristic. 3 traits that not all businesses have.

– Increased visibility

Animation encourages users to stay on a website for longer. At the same time, Google values and promotes websites that provide content that engages and retains users on a page. Thus, having an animated video on your landing or service pages will boost your rankings and increase your organic traffic.

– Lower costs

The time and money that goes into hiring live human actors can be saved by using animation. Also, animations do not age as quickly as live videos. Live videos are limited by people’s fashion and worldly changes. Especially now when we are having fast changes due to the innovation of technology, it is quite difficult for live videos to stay fresh for long. Besides, unlike live videos where you might have to re-do certain shoots, businesses can make alterations and corrections to an animation video if needed.

– Enhanced email marketing

Emails with an embedded animated video can boost your website traffic by an extra 50%. Plus, just having the word “video” in your email subject boosts the click-through rate by 65%.

– Animated characters strengthen communication

Animation video production brings together characters to create stories and ideas. The use of characters helps people empathise, connect and create awareness about the message you’re trying to convey.

– Boosted conversions

Animated explainer videos are powerful selling tools. They are usually created to educate or inform consumers, but by creating them you are demonstrating that you care about your customers and that you want them to feel comfortable when interacting with your brand. This feeling may encourage many people to make a purchase. In other words, animated videos sell without being salesy.

– Increased shareability

Videos are the most shareable content type that exists right now. People share them, especially if they are fun, engaging and valuable, three traits that characterise most explainer videos.

– Top-Notch Training

A professional animation video company can help you turn complex training materials within your organisation into simple concepts. Using animation videos for training can simplify the training process and help attendees retain information more easily. Overall, we can say that animation training videos are more effective than traditional methods lacking interactive elements.

Our top animated videos

Here at Impress, we produce all animated video types. From screencast videos to kinetic typographic or 2D & 3D animated videos. We believe they are key for a business to succeed, so we encourage our clients to consider investing in them.

Some of the projects we have recently worked on and that we are really proud of are the following:


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