What is the effectiveness of TV commercials?

In today’s digital world, marketing and advertising have taken on a new level of importance. And while digital ads are undoubtedly essential, it’s worth remembering that TV ads remain a powerful tool for reaching new customers.

Thanks to new trends and technologies, TV commercials are more creative and unique than ever before. The biggest brands understand this and are investing significant amounts of their marketing budgets into TV ads. In fact, some spend more than 60% of their budget on TV ads alone!

But TV ads aren’t just effective; they also provide a fantastic return on investment. With well-crafted commercials, businesses can reach a broader audience and increase their revenue significantly.

It’s no wonder, then, that online commercials and TV ads together account for over 50% of total media ad spending, totalling a staggering £265 billion pounds. So, if you’re looking to take your business to the next level and connect with new customers, TV advertising should definitely be on your radar.

What determines the effectiveness of TV ads?

TV commercials can be an efficient approach to reaching a large audience and promoting products and services. Their effectiveness, however, relies on a number of factors.

Here are some examples of the best creative tv adverts.

Due to the advertisement’s quality and relevancy

A thoughtful and interesting advertisement that resonates with the target demographic is more likely to be effective than one that is poorly designed or irrelevant. Advertisements that tell a story or elicit emotions are frequently more remembered and effective than those that just list features and benefits.

Frequency and timing of the advert

On the one hand, ads that keep broadcasting repeatedly and regularly over time are more likely to make effective tv ads than those that are broadcast only once. On the other hand, advertisements that air during peak viewing times are more likely to be effective since the target demographics are most likely to be watching.

The type of product or service being advertised

Some products and services are better suited to TV advertising than others. So, knowing your product and if it fits tv ads is key. If not, the investment won’t be profitable for the company.

choosing the right products to advertise
Some products like skincare are very good for tv adverts

Why are TV ads effective?

TV commercials can immediately reach a huge number of people and can target specific demographics based on the time of day and the channel.

The effectiveness of television advertising has grown over time. Its effectiveness has nearly quadrupled during the 1980s, rising from roughly 11% to 40%. Most large firms and advertisers are well aware of this fact, and they have used TV advertising to their advantage during the previous decade. And here is why:

  • Reach: every day, TV reaches a huge part of the population, with an average daily viewing time of 5 hours and 16 minutes.
  • Resilience: television has never stopped running. Even with new emerging apps that were at the beginning only for computers. Moreover, for this reason, these apps are now available for television as they know TV is the biggest viewer form.
  • Popularity: Tv is the most popular form of video worldwide. It also accounts for the largest timing spend on video, around 73% of total video consumption.
  • Trust: as television was the first way of watching something from home, it is unconsciously the device people trust more. In addition, older people do not have advanced mobile phones, only ones for calls. So, they spend their time watching TV at home. Therefore, the best way to approach them and mostly, the only way (apart from flyers on the street), is advertising through the television.


Finally, measuring the impact of television advertising can be challenging. While some businesses use surveys or other means to track the effectiveness of their television advertising, it can be difficult to explicitly credit sales or other metrics to the advertising campaign. So, if you add correctly TV commercials to your strategy, the returns will greatly surpass the costs of the advertisement.

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