The real effectivity of TV Advertising

Television adverting is a powerful channel due to the credibility it provides to viewers about the product and services being marketed. This statement may not be persuasive enough for you to invest in a TV advert. Therefore, we have written a blog evaluating the effectiveness of TV advertising to help you decide whether it is viable for your brand.

British TV advertising: facts and statistics

Did you know that on average UK viewers see 41 TV commercials per day?

Although online streaming services and video platforms such as Netflix or YouTube are getting more and more attention, TV advertising is still the most effective form of video marketing. It accounts for 37% of the average media consumption of British residents and it constitutes 95% of all actively watched video advertisements, providing coverage and media effects that the internet has yet to achieve.

Looking at these figures to answer the question of “How effective is TV Advertising”, we could say that TV advertising is still the most effective form of video marketing.

How companies of all sizes can benefit from British TV Adverts

TV advertising is not just for big brands. When considering the benefits of TV advertising, you might think that only the largest brands can fully cover the media provided. It’s undeniable that the higher your budget and audience, the more likely you are to get a return. However, this does not mean that small and medium-sized enterprises cannot profit and obtain their due share.

Why advertise on TV?

TV advertising has huge commercial advantages. It has scalability and coverage, and it can increase a company’s market share. It is also a tool where you can choose the exact number of comments (or ratings) you want to buy. There are many other benefits of TV advertising, which we will discuss in more detail below.

1. Benchmark:

According to collected data, TV covers 70.1% of the European population every day, with an average daily transmission time of 3 hours and 39 minutes. This is the unique combination of reach and the sheer time you spend watching TV, making it such a powerful tool.

2. Popularity:

All forms of television are the most popular videos in the world. Furthermore, according to available data, television accounts for an average of 90% of the time spent by video viewers.

3. Resilience:

In the past ten years, TV has shown remarkable resilience in the face of tremendous changes. Moreover, with the emergence of SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) services such as Netflix and online video platforms such as YouTube, global TV consumption has remained unchanged.

4. Effectiveness:

Furthermore, users can invest in TV advertising because, as studies around the world have shown, it works.

Challenges to Be Aware Of

Despite the previously mentioned advantages, there are a couple of challenges that you need to be aware of.

Firstly, a high investment is required to produce a TV advert as you need to hire actors and a production crew within others. Airing time is also expensive. Therefore, evaluate whether the TV is the best channel to achieve your goals.

If you have doubts, you can always ask a TV advert video production company for help. They will probably give you some feedback and advice you in some way.

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