Having thousands of viewers in a live stream is everyone’s dream. But it is not an easy task, especially now that competition is high in every industry. In order to increase your viewership, you need a strategy. Our team, which has been live streaming conferences and events for many years, has decided to put all the strategies that have worked for them together and write a blog to inform all our readers. Let’s take a look at the strategies they have included in the list. 

Strategies to get more views on your live stream

Schedule Your Live Stream Early 

Schedule your live stream 4 – 7 days ahead of time. Potential viewers will then be able to organise their schedules to attend the live stream. If you do not promote it in advance, you will missing out a lot of opportunities. Many people may not even know you went live. 

Besides, when you schedule a live stream, a link is generated. The link can then be marketed across all your social media platforms, reaching even larger audiences. 

Live Stream To Multiple Platforms

Use softwares to stream across multiple platforms at the same time. This allows you to have a wider reach and saves you a lot of time, especially if your target audience is distributed across multiple platforms. An example of a software that allows you to do so is Restream. 

With these softwares you can even interact with people across different platforms at the same time. Plus, you gain credibility and start looking more professional. 

Tell Your Audiences To Set A Reminder

Promote your live stream on social media and encourage them to set a reminder.  YouTube already has a “set a reminder” button for scheduled live streams. It then sends an alert once you go live. This is as an effective way to make sure audiences do not forget that there’s a live stream.

Promoting your live streaming and asking to set reminder, funnels people in during the day. 

Apply SEO Tactics

Make sure you do a keyword research before scheduling the live stream so that you can add the targeted keyword to the title, description and tags of the stream. 

Market To Your Guest’s Audience

Does your live stream have guests? If so, ask them to market your scheduled link on their social media platforms too. This will help you reach new audiences. 

Keep The Replay Viewer In Mind

It is very important to think about the replay viewers experience whilst watching your live stream. The best tip to keep in mind is, stop wasting time whilst live streaming, especially at the beginning of the stream. Make sure you do not have delays. 

Go straight to the point

Go straight to the point. Otherwise, people will start getting bored. Also, leave any Q&A to the end to prevent alienating the replay viewer. Apply timestamps and chapters to the replay video to easily access different sections too.

Create Exclusive Content

Make sure the content you share on the live stream is engaging and unique. If it is something previously shared in another platforms, viewers will probably quit. 


After reading this blog you may have a better understanding of how to get more views on your live stream. Should you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for reading,