This blog will walk you through the process of learning how to live stream events from scratch.

So, if you’re planning a special event, and you don’t know what you will need, this will walk you through everything. From a list of the necessary equipment to the actions you’ll need to take. 

This way, your streaming will now have a large production value and you will get the benefits of live-streaming

What is live streaming?

We must first comprehend that live streaming refers to the streaming of content in real-time via the Internet.

Both broadcasters and attendees can engage through chatting and sending emotes and emojis through the online chat rooms.

However, its increased popularity is no coincidence, since the live-streaming industry has benefited from the current Covid-19 scenario in recent years.

This is owing to the necessity for businesses and public figures to broadcast information remotely, as face-to-face events have been difficult to organise for a long time.

Necessary equipment

You will need certain equipment to continue with the live broadcast. This equipment consists of the following parts:


While the cameras installed on MacBooks and PCs are enough for these types of events, they fall short of the quality provided by cameras regarding the depth, exposure, and focal length among other factors.

If your present camera has an HDMI or USB connector, you can always use it as a webcam.

If this isn’t enough for you and you want to take things a step further, we recommend investing in a higher-end camera.

Avoid shaky footage by using tripods. 


Even if you have the finest camera in the world, if you don’t have excellent lighting, you’re screwed.

Unless you have a noisy background, to be sure you are doing it properly, you should not position the camera too near to your head, giving the frame some space around you.

In the absence of natural light, you must have at least one bright source of light next to your face, set slightly above your head.


We also suggest using a wireless mic so that you can walk around freely while maintaining a flawless audio connection and quality.

Video encoder

Owing to this tool, you can transform the video into a digital format. These encoders can be for instance software applications. Please watch this video for additional information about encoders.

A platform for live streaming:

Choosing a decent platform is critical to ensure the success of your event, thus we detailed which platforms to use and how to do so in our previous blog.

Other factors to consider

Have a stable and dependable internet connection to guarantee that the live broadcast is not interrupted. As a result, we propose a wired internet connection.

It is best to have all of your devices plugged in even if your gadgets are completely charged. If you want to broadcast outside, make sure you have a generator in case your battery runs out.


We would like to believe that this information has helped you better understand how to live stream events. Is there anything we’ve forgotten to mention? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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