How to make a TV Advert

11th December 2019

How to make a TV Advert

The idea and approach

In this blog we will show you how to make a TV Advert sharing the simple processes involved. A TV ad can be produced by companies of all sizes and the advantage is their reach to committed target audiences who religiously watch TV at set times. There could be a number for reasons for doing so such as:

  • You want attract a wider audience.
  • You have the capital to do so.
  • Add prestige and power to your brand.
  • You’ve always advertised on TV
  • You want to see the ROI on TV advertisement.

The Creative Idea for your TV Advert

Whatever your reasons for advertising on TV you will need a creative idea. Now there are a few ways of creating that idea. You may have it yourself or want a TV production company present a few to you.

What angle will you take with your TV Advert?

There’s a few approaches that have proved effective when advertising such as:

  • Humour
  • Emotional (pulling at heartstrings – charities)
  • Factual (think toothpaste ads)
  • Attention grabbing (think action)
  • Hard hitting

Make sure your advert is made with the right message and audience in mind. Also it’s worth nothing most adverts on TV are 30secs in length.

Clearcast and Clearance

Once you have your advert idea signed off, either created by yourself or by a tv advert company. You will have to make sure it is ‘TV ready’. This means you will have to contact Clearcast.

Clearcast is an independent TV advertising agency. Its key purpose is to ensure a TV ad is right for TV broadcast, this mean the TV advert is not misleading nor making any false claims, it’s ethical and furthermore suitable for the public to view. Clearcast have strict guidelines and you might want to add some leeway time in having your advert approved. Clearcast encourage you to have your script signed off first, which makes sense as if you end up spending £20,000+ on your advert, you do not want to have to go back to the drawing board because it is not TV worthy. It’s a simple process really, first you have your script and treatment signed off (on screen visuals), then you film it and then have the final TV advert signed off.

The Production Process

After the TV advert goes through the key stages of development:

  • Script approval – Clearcast
  • Treatment approval – Clearcast
  • Producing
  • Casting
  • Filmed
  • Edited
  • TV Advert approval – Clearcast

You will now want to collaborate with a TV distribution service like Peach Video. This agency will request the advert to be in a specific TV format which will be approved by most broadcasters such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and SKY.

Broadcast rates:

Once the TV advert has been edited and exported to the right format the distribution company such as Peach Video will check the rates for playing your advert any particular times during the day and by region. For example your TV advert will cast significantly different to air at 11am in the morning, when the public is generally at work compared to 7:30pm when the public are typically watching TV with the family. Our latest client had a budget of £80,000 to spend on TV broadcast. The company advertised during key months in 2019 and even weeks.

Key takeaways:

If you are thinking about producing a tv advert for your company, do consider the following which will have your prepared well for making a big investment.

Ask to have a digital package produced too – this will mean you have the advert in different formats and lengths for your social media channels and online marketing. I can stress this enough

Request ALL the digital files – this means you will have all the elements from the tv advert and ask for individual elements. What we mean by this is for example, a new client wanted to change some of the wording in his voice over. The client paid a small fee to request the music file as the one that was in the advert already had the voice over embedded over it. Having all the individual files, such as audio, voice over, sound effects etc in separate audio tracks along with text overlays and logos will give you much flexibility in the long run.

Here’s a few TV ads we produced earlier


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