How to make interesting corporate videos

When it comes to videos, we know that interesting corporate videos are rarely witnessed, as most of them have monotonous and bland messages. However, we can make some alterations to make them more appealing and engaging. So, in this article, we will discuss which concepts we propose you incorporate to create interesting corporate videos.

The importance of the story


Storytelling techniques

Storytelling isn’t just reserved for fairy tales and blockbusters. In fact, it’s the secret sauce that can elevate your corporate videos from forgettable to unforgettable. But how do you weave a narrative that resonates with your audience? Let’s dive in.

One of the most powerful storytelling frameworks we at Impress Video use is the hero’s journey. This timeless concept, popularized by Joseph Campbell, takes viewers on a transformative adventure filled with challenges, growth, and triumph. By casting your brand or message as the hero embarking on a quest, you can create a narrative arc that resonates deeply with viewers.

Compose your story

You must give the video a sequence so that your audience completely understands it. If you incorporate any narrative, you will most likely get higher interaction from them, as they will probably want to know what happens.

But not only your audience needs to understand it, but you also need to understand them to create the message. Dive deep into their needs, pain points, and interests. Use market research data or real-life case studies to inform your storytelling decisions. By speaking directly to your audience’s experiences, you forge a powerful connection that fosters engagement and loyalty.

When presenting your company’s features, keep in mind what your consumers expect from you. So, instead of listing and explaining them, demonstrate them in a more visual approach; people will comprehend it better this way.


A well-crafted script is the backbone of any successful video. Our team offers invaluable advice on writing concise, engaging scripts tailored to your objectives.

A tried-and-true technique is the three-act structure. Much like a classic play or film, this approach divides your video into three distinct acts: setup, confrontation, and resolution. By establishing the stakes, introducing conflict, and delivering a satisfying conclusion, you can keep viewers hooked from start to finish.

But at the beginning, you must ensure that viewers will watch the full video while drafting your screenplay. To do so, ask your audience a question at the start to catch their interest. They’ll probably keep watching the video after that since they’re curious about the answer.

Incorporate visual metaphors to add depth and symbolism, or leverage testimonials to lend authenticity and credibility to your message.

The Shooting Time

Shooting angles

We understand that crafting captivating corporate videos goes beyond just pressing the record button. It’s about mastering the art of visual storytelling, and that starts right from the shooting stage. Let’s delve into the most important tips of shooting that can elevate your video production to the next level:

Camera Equipment

When it comes to capturing the essence of your brand, quality matters. That’s why we advocate for investing in top-notch camera equipment. From versatile DSLRs to high-end cinema cameras, choosing the right tool for the job can make all the difference in achieving professional-grade results that leave a lasting impression.

Composition Rules

Ever heard of the rule of thirds? How about leading lines and framing techniques? These are more than just photography jargon – they’re the building blocks of compelling visual storytelling. By mastering composition principles, you can guide your viewers’ focus, create visually striking shots, and breathe life into your narrative. You can learn more about them by clicking here.

Lighting Techniques

Lighting sets the mood, shapes the atmosphere, and can transform an ordinary scene into something extraordinary. Whether it’s the timeless elegance of three-point lighting or harnessing the beauty of natural light, understanding different lighting setups is essential for creating captivating visuals. Our experts are here to share invaluable tips on adjusting exposure, playing with colour temperature, and achieving consistency throughout your footage.

Variety of Angles and Dynamic Views

We’ve all heard that just clicking the camera’s button and chatting in front of it is the simplest method to capture things. However, being the simplest does not imply that it is the best. When recording, attempt to incorporate a variety of perspectives to capture the object or individuals being recorded. But don’t exceed it and stick to the 180-degree guideline.

Not only should you experiment with different perspectives, but you should also try to record some of them without using a tripod. This implies that some of the videos may have more moving images, such as someone walking. The video will get a clearer result this way.

Post-production things to consider


In the realm of video production, post-production is where the magic truly happens. It’s where raw footage transforms into polished masterpieces ready to captivate audiences.

Colour Grading Process

Colour grading isn’t just about making your video look pretty – it’s about enhancing its visual storytelling potential. Our experts meticulously detail the colour grading process, covering techniques such as colour correction, contrast adjustment, and the creation of stylistic colour palettes. By maintaining a cohesive colour scheme throughout your video, you ensure every frame contributes to the narrative in a meaningful way.

Colour is a powerful storytelling tool that should not be overlooked. We advise editing all footage consistently to achieve a correlated final product. Each tone has something important to express, so strategic colour choices can guide viewers’ attention and enhance the overall narrative. Bright colours draw focus, while darker tones create depth and mood.

Sound Design

Sound design is often underestimated but plays a crucial role in creating immersive viewing experiences. We explore the importance of high-quality audio recording and the addition of ambient sound effects to enhance immersion. From crisp dialogue to impactful soundscapes, we’ll help you craft audio that resonates with your audience on a deeper level.

Consider the power of music

What’s more, you should never forget that music has the remarkable ability to evoke emotions and amplify your message. We encourage selecting cheerful tunes that resonate with your brand and the message you wish to convey. The right music can elevate your video from informative to unforgettable, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Include subtitles

Accessibility is key in today’s digital landscape. That’s why we stress the importance of including accessible subtitles in your videos. Our instructions cover font styles, sizes, and positioning to ensure optimal readability across all devices. By making your content accessible to all, you maximize its impact and reach a wider audience.

This will for sure maximise the effect of your video across all platforms. Not only because of the people with hearing disabilities, but also for everyone that wants to fully understand the message.


Making an effective corporate video takes a great deal of imagination and planning. Although these videos are not intended to entertain your audience, why not set your own rules and have fun while doing it? With our help, you will be able to transmit an effective and strong message, and as a result, increase the number of people who rely on your firm.

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