There isn’t any specific formula for your videos to reach large audiences and drive engagement. However, there exist some trial and tested key ingredients that will assist you in maximising the results for your social media videos.

Tips to create effective Social Media Videos

Over the last years, the amount of content on social media has rapidly increased, especially due to the rising amount of people having access to the internet globally. To help you stand out from the crowd and be the best at your game in social media video production and distribution, we have written a blog on how to make social media videos to share with you our best tips.

1.Tailor to the platform

Before creating your social media video, ask yourself which social media platforms are you creating the video for. Each social media platform has its guidelines that need to be met for you to reach the expected audience and to engage with them. 

Be aware that the chosen social media platform will vary depending on your target audience. Facebook, for example, which is used by people of all ages, is a great platform for those companies that aim to reach the general public. Simultaneously, the platform used will also depend on the product or services offered. If you work in the education sector, LinkedIn seems to be the most suitable social media platform for your business whereas if you work in the entertainment sector, YouTube is the way to go. 

2. Check the Sizes 

Each social media only allows certain aspect ratios. If you were to post a video with an unsupported size, you will lose the majority of the video quality and you will probably end up with black bars on the sides. 

If you are struggling with the sizes or you do not have time to optimise the size for each platform, then the ratio of 1:1 is the best one to go with. This is because most social media videos tend to be in square sizes. 

3. Keep It Short 

The attention span of people is very short, and this gets worse when it comes to social media videos because there is so many to choose from. When you are posting on any of the social media platforms, the best practice is to stick to an average of 1 minute per video. However, this does not mean that you should rule out longer videos, as they still work well on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. 

4. Stylise for Mobile

The majority of people view social media posts through mobile, so it is very important to optimise the video for it. To stand out, make sure you use vibrant colours and clear fonts so that it is easy to read. Another thing to watch out for mobiles is that your video should be attractive and compelling without sound, as most of the time people have it turned off as they scroll down the feeds. 

5. Provide Valuable Content

When creating social media videos make sure the audience has something they can take away with that is of value afterwards. This could be in the form of promotional discount codes, information, entertainment, etc. The main reason why you should create interesting content is because valuable content translates into an engaged audience that will more likely convert and become loyal. 

6. Use the Power of Storytelling

Most people make decisions based on their emotions. A well done social media video can touch people on an emotional level and encourage them to make a decision. Since the beginning of human civilisation telling stories, listening to them, and spreading them across the globe has been built into us. This is why storytelling is powerful in videos, and it needs to be utilised. 


After reading this blog, you may have a better understanding of how to create a social media video. Should you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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