Promoting, hosting and recapping your event guide

Organising an event requires a high investment. Consider recording and using the video to promote, host and recap the event to make the most out of it. Use the stills and videos to create excitement, make the signup process simpler or extend the life span of the event within others.

Follow along to learn how to maximise videos at the promotional, hosting, and recap stages of your event. 

Use video to promote, host and recap your event

Promote Your Event

To promote your event through a video you need to display how amazing the event is and what people not attending the event will be missing out on. Featuring influencers will push people to attend the event too. Besides, gamify the promotions of the event. That is, showcase the contests, opportunities, discounts or special experiences of the event. Give audiences a valuable, valid reason to talk about the event online.

Upload content consistently to your social media accounts too. Otherwise, you will not reach your target audience (that’s how algorithms currently work). Even though you have to be consistent in your uploads, do not upload low-quality videos to promote your event. Create engaging videos about the company and the events coming up to keep you up in the leaderboards instead.

Finally, add a CTA (Call To Action) at the end of the video. This is key to turning viewers into attendees as it simplifies the signing-up process.

Host Your Event  

It’s the day of the big event!! How can videos help host your event?

You can reach larger audiences by having the event live-streamed. Besides, you can create content for your future marketing campaigns by recording key moments of the event or interviews with key speakers and attendees. This material will then be used to create social media content, write blogs or even create email series.

Events are also a great time to capture some live customer success stories as most of your customers will be likely to attend.

Recap Your Event

Prepare a production recap brief before filming your event to ensure everyone is on the same page. This is also key to ending up with the results you are hoping for.

Best recap videos are those that are 1 minute long as they can be shared across multiple platforms. Some examples of platforms where the videos can be shared are Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. Those that tell a story tend to do better too.

Before you start recording the video, scout the space of the event. Find out where the main highlights of the events will be. Additionally, events usually have a schedule. Make sure you plan out your shots according to that schedule. The editing stage will then be a lot simpler.

Great recap videos make people unable to attend the event feel like they did as they reflect how the event was like for an attendee from start to finish. It is key to add speed ramps and capture the atmosphere. That is getting videos of social gatherings, drinks, lights, and anything that displays the ambiance.

After reading this blog you may have a better understanding of how to promote, host and recap an event using videos. Should you have any doubt, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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